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This Week in American History ... 1979

This week in 1979, '80s exercise guru Jane Fonda spoke to a crowd of 1,500 at a KPU sponsored event where she discussed her discontent with growing monopolies and the dangers of nuclear energy. Before instructing the world on the benefits of regular exercise and bicep curls, Fonda was branded a traitor by U.S. military forces

Sing us a song, you're the karaoke man

Every once in a while a movie comes out that seems just a tad too ludicrous to believe. Case in point: Gwyneth Paltrow's newest film, "Duets." Sound harmless enough, right? But no, lurking behind a seemingly innocent title is an offensive film, a detestable film, a ridiculous film -- - -- a film about karaoke.

Tenley chapel converts to hold dance facilities

This year, as the door opens and the dance students raise their eyes, they are met by a vaulted ceiling and walls of stained glass windows. They are in the Tenley Chapel, which has recently been converted to a dance studio. After enduring pigeons, rats and roaches in the Cassell Building, the Department of Performing Arts is thoroughly enjoying its new location.

Jones pulls men's team from Midnight practice

Men's basketball coach Jeff Jones and the Student Confederation have revamped the schedule for this year's Midnight Madness rally, citing concerns regarding the event's late hour. Jones, who became head coach of the team this spring said while he recognizes the value of school spirit and appreciates the enthusiasm shown by students for the team during Midnight Madness, the late-night event could affect players' abilities the following morning at their first full practice.

Dole, Roe part of KPU line up for fall semester

Former presidential candidate Bob Dole will speak at AU over Parents' Weekend, leading a Kennedy Political Union line-up that will bring several politicos to campus this semester. Kicking off this semester's events is a speech by the executive vice president of the AFL-CIO, Linda Chavez, in the SIS lounge at 7:30 tonight.

Nine swimmers try for Olympic teams

Competing in the Olympics is considered by some athletes to be the greatest achievement attainable in their area of sports ability. The Olympics begins this week in Sydney, Australia and nine members of the AU swim team answered the call over the summer and tried out for the Olympic teams of their respective home countries.

Noir film achieves 'Pulp Fiction' appeal

"$15 million is not money. Money is what you take to the grocery store. Money is what you get out of an ATM. $15 million is not money. It's a motive waiting for someone to take it." It's this kind of dialogue that made Quentin Tarantino famous. Well, that and a lot of guns.

Complicated plot muddles McQuarrie's debut

Forget, for a minute, the naive assumption that a movie written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, the director of "The Usual Suspects," might contain elements of a plot. Leave behind any inclination that the sheer star power of its cast - Ryan Phillippe, Juliette Lewis, Taye Diggs, Benicio Del Toro and James Caan - might make "The Way of the Gun" a sure thing.

Miniature scooters will bite trend dust

Somewhere up in heaven, the pogo ball and the snap-bracelet are having one hell ofa laugh at us humans. They're laughing, not so much for the fact that we accepted them into our lives, but because we have once again allowed another cheaply-made product to fulfill our American-gadget-hungry fantasies.

Organization lobbies for youth debate in presidential election

Seventy-seven percent of all voters support making one of the three presidential debates a youth-focused event, a recent poll taken by Third Millennium, in conjunction with the nationwide program Youth Vote 2000, indicated. The poll, administered by a branch of Third Millennium entitled Neglection 2000, also showed that if this debate were to occur, there would be a significant increase in voter turnout by all age groups.

Abbott leaves SC for Student Activities job

Only one job was appealing enough to lure James Abbott away from the position of Student Confederation Comptroller; he started that position Aug. 14 in the AU Student Activities office as the new Accounts Specialist. "In this position I have a lot of the same abilities to help out with a lot of the same student activities.

Who are you?

Are you a mad scientist? Are you high maintenance? What's your loony past life? Perplexing questions, I know. As the lengthy syllabi pile up and new textbooks gather dust under lofted beds, how better to waste time than to test your mental capabilities with online quizzes care of Emode.

Universities face overcrowding nationwide

AU students suffering from the shortage of on-campus housing are not alone. Many campuses in the D.C. area and across the country are facing similar problems of overcrowding. One of the most famous cases of overcrowding this year has come from Northeastern University in Boston.

Court resolves Howard U. case

D.C. Superior Court upheld a $5 million discrimination verdict last week in a case involving sexual harassment by an "out of control" catering supervisor at Howard University. Judge Susan R. Holmes Winfield denied food contractor Daka, Inc. several requests for reversal of the jury's decision or a new trial, and let stand March's ruling for compensatory damages of $187,500, and $4,812,500 in punitive damages, the Partnership for Civil Justice reported.

Md. colleges require meningitis vaccine

The Maryland State General Assembly passed a law this summer-the first of its kind in the country-requiring all college students in the state to be vaccinated against meningitis. Beginning this semester, all Maryland college students living in residence halls must get the vaccination or get out of school.

News settles industry lawsuit

A lawsuit filed by the National Association of College Stores against online textbook giant last year has resulted in new standards for collegiate textbook advertising. This follows the dismissal of one of two counts in the complaint filed last fall by NACS in U.

Marriott changes distributor

Marriott dining services switched food distributors over the summer in an effort to improve customer service. AU food services has had a contract with the Sodexho-Marriott distribution firm for the past 2 1/2 years, but that contract ran out over the summer and AU administrators decided not to renew it said Terrace Dining Room manager Mike Bauer.

All lose in AU vs CAA

Since the AU administration made the decision to join the Patriot League last spring there has been little to cheer about for AU's student-athletes. Originally their concern was moving from the Colonial Athletic Association to the lower-ranked Patriot League.

Got meat? Has PETA gone to far?

From the makers of the "Got beer?" campaign comes the new "Got Prostate Cancer?" campaign, spearheaded by large billboards with the face of recently afflicted New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani. Pretty funny, eh? I mean, Guiliani could die from this. That's just downright hilarious.