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Medical dramas don’t adequately represent the real super heroes

(09/05/16 1:03pm)

Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben once said that with great power comes great responsibility. In a doctor's world, as soon as you pick up a scalpel to save a life, you are in charge of that other human. That is a huge power which, if you think about it, is quite similar to what Spider-Man represents.

The best study spots on campus

(08/25/16 3:52pm)

With the school year just the around the corner, you are probably starting to worry about your crazy course load. How many books you are going to have to read? How many papers are you going to be assigned? How many late nights are you going to have? One thing that will make all of the worry a bit easier is knowing where to hang out before class and when studying is in session. Here are six of the best spots on campus for studying, hanging out or just killing twenty minutes between class.

5 tips for surviving your freshman dorm room, triple or no triple

(08/23/16 6:32am)

Not to scare the freshmen arriving on campus for the insanity that is Welcome Week, but you're in for an interesting housing situation this fall. As President Kerwin outlined in a July memo, "first year residence halls will open at approximately 116 percent occupancy in August," requiring many freshmen to live in triples. 

Top 4 college shows to watch freshman year

(08/21/16 2:00pm)

TV shows are fictional, but on occasion they do a great job of portraying real life scenarios. These four college shows will help incoming freshmen have a sense of what it means to be a “college student.” Between the suitemates, frat parties, sororities, lifelong friendships and college relationships, you will quickly learn that there is much more to learn than just in the classrooms. So get out the popcorn and take some notes for the fall!

5 items you need in your college closet

(08/20/16 8:53am)

There's no doubt that at AU, the stereotype of college students walking around campus in pajamas is pretty much busted. When I first came to this school, I was pretty excited to walk into class in an outfit I could have rolled out of bed in. I soon came to find that pretty much everyone here has an excellent fashion sense, and they display it well. I was never really that into fashion, so it defnitely felt like there was a lot of pressure to look good everyday. Now as a rising junior, I've come to discover that you don't need 500 fabulous pieces of clothing in your closet and you don't have to feel uncomfortable if you're not that into dressing up everyday. 

Werner Herzog investigates the internet in "Lo and Behold"

(08/19/16 2:25pm)

Werner Herzog’s latest documentary, Lo and Behold: Reveries Of The Connected World, explores the internet as it has evolved from its birth. The deep German cadence of his voice guides the viewer through a number of interviews with people who have been positively and negatively impacted by the internet. Herzog never shies away from the incredible or the bizarre in any of his documentaries.

“War Dogs”: Globe-trotting, gun-running fun with Jonah Hill and Miles Teller

(08/18/16 3:00pm)

Perhaps the best way to describe the spirit of “War Dogs” is through the high-pitched, slight, sly laugh of Jonah Hill (22 Jump Street), who plays cunning arms dealer Efraim Diveroli. The film, equal parts comedy and drama, strikes the right balance between making the viewer laugh and causing them to feel anxious for the fates of the protagonists. If the Taliban or an arms dealer on the terrorist watch list (played by Bradley Cooper) are not dangerous enough for Diveroli and his partner in gun running, their slippery partnership might eventually tear them apart.

Movie Review: Equity

(07/29/16 3:52pm)

If the women in the film Equity are the “She-Wolves of Wall Street,” the men may well be the hyenas, sneakily feasting on the carrion of the wolves’ spoils. Director Meera Menon offers a female perspective on the epitome of a bastion of male domination. Equity upends the very underpinnings of the financial thriller genre—the glorification (and conflation) of greed and power and the lionization of the “ol’ boy network” as the only interesting and significant players. Like The Big Short and Margin Call, Equity lets us look under the hood of the Wall Street machine, exposing the lifeblood to be as much “scoop” and “perceptions” as it is cold hard facts. The film asks, “Why are women not allowed to like money and to enjoy power?”, Or better yet, as Anne-Marie Slaughter asked, “Why Can’t Women Still Can’t Have It All,” (which, cheekily enough, is actually referenced in the movie).

Decorating 101: The Scene’s guide to decorating your dorm room

(07/15/16 7:08pm)

For many college students, sharing a tight space with one window is an unfortunate reality when moving on to campus. But your room does not have to be a dull, cramped little box! With Welcome Week and move-in day quickly approaching, here are some tips and tricks to make your dorm room your “home away from home.”