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‘Roadrunner’ is a look back at Anthony Bourdain's enthralling life

(07/22/21 3:20pm)

“Roadrunner” starts with a voice-over from Anthony Bourdain explaining that “there's no happy ending.” Director Morgan Neville creates something truly fantastic with archival footage and covers Bourdain's life with the help of thought-provoking interviews from friends and loved ones. 

Standout documentaries from the AFI DOCS festival

(07/20/21 2:01pm)

For the first time in a year, the American Film Institute Silver Theater welcomed cinephiles back for the annual AFI DOCS film festival. Festival attendees had the option of virtual and in-person screenings to accommodate the eventual transition to post-pandemic life. I decided to attend in person on premiere night, a choice that proved worthwhile as there was a tangible buzz emanating in the crowd. For many, including myself, this was the first moviegoing experience since before the pandemic.

DCAPA Film Festival: ‘Americanish’ gleefully showcases the intricacies of Pakistani American womanhood and love

(07/15/21 12:33pm)

In “Americanish,” director Iman K. Zawahry and screenwriter-turned-leading-actress Aizzah Fatima play with vibrant shots and carefully balanced dialogue in order to craft a fantastical romantic comedy suited for anyone searching for the equilibrium between what they think they want and what they really need.

End Pride Month with these on-screen LGBTQ+ stories

(06/30/21 2:42pm)

Pride Month celebrates the incredible accomplishments and perspectives of the LGBTQ+ community. The beauty in LGBTQ+ filmmaking is its ability to connect and relate across different personal experiences. Here are The Eagle’s recommendations for films that highlight these uniquely human stories as we round out Pride Month. 

Celebrate the end of AAPI Heritage Month with these must-watch films and TV shows

(05/31/21 2:05pm)

May is AAPI Heritage Month, a celebration of the contributions and achievements of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to American society, culture and history. The AAPI community represents the blend of multiple cultures, allowing for new and unique perspectives in art — and in this case — film and TV. Here are five must-watch films and TV shows that explore the AAPI experience and highlight AAPI artists in style. 

“Limbo” tells a refugee story with incredible visuals and hilariously bone-dry humor

(04/23/21 7:03pm)

Like its title suggests, “Limbo” leaps into the neverending uncertainty of refugees who await their asylum requests after leaving their homes. With such a serious subject matter, director Ben Sharrock delivers a film that not only pays respect to the hardship of refugees, but inserts comedy in subtle yet powerful ways. 

‘Voyagers’ presents a strange, unsettling view of the future

(04/11/21 7:32pm)

“Voyagers” is draped in a blue tint and surrounded by a classic sci-fi score that presents an illusion that something deeper is happening on screen than what the film actually gives its audience. While it raises some interesting questions that humans are likely to face in the future, “Voyagers” does not explore them in a meaningful way.

Scenes That Stick: El poderoso monólogo de Viola Davis en ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’

(03/22/21 5:53pm)

Si Chadwick Boseman no capta la atención de los espectadores para ver “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” entonces Viola Davis y su actuación como Ma Rainey ciertamente lo hacen. Ambientada a mediados de la década de 1920, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” es una adaptación cinematográfica de la obra de teatro de 1982.

The 29th DC Environmental Film Festival is completely online this year: here are six films you can watch through the festival without leaving your home

(03/20/21 4:54pm)

Like most other major events and gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic, the 29th annual D.C. Environmental Film Festival will take place completely online.