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The scars that can’t be seen, shown on the big screen

(10/27/17 4:56pm)

Explosions. Blood. Pain. For many of those serving in the military, war leaves scars that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Director Jason Hall’s “Thank You for Your Service” documents these scars through the emotional story of three soldiers after their service in Iraq. Miles Teller portrays Adam Schumann, one of the soldiers who struggles to reconnect with his family alongside his fight with post-traumatic stress disorder. The film gives audiences a glimpse into the daily lives of military veterans, starting the conversation that the war doesn't end when they come come.

A fall cookie recipe you need in your life

(10/27/16 2:00pm)

Ah, fall. It’s the best time of the year (and I’m not just saying that because I’m a Sagittarius). It’s not so cold that you have to invest in a wool coat to keep warm, and it’s not so hot that you’re sweating bullets the second you step outside. Nope, fall is a time when the year finally starts winding down and we can admire the beautiful death that is the colorful leaves littering every last inch of the quad. And even though I love pumpkin patches and corn mazes as much as the next girl, well…We’re in D.C.