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Former SG president Taylor Dumpson seeks $1.5 million in damages from neo-Nazi website founder

(05/06/19 4:00am)

Taylor Dumpson, a former AU Student Government president, is seeking more than $1.5 million in court-ordered damages against the founder of a neo-Nazi website for leading an online harrasment campaign against her, following an on-campus hate crime.

Staff editorial: University should adopt new policy on selling alcohol at athletic events

(05/03/19 4:00am)

During this spring’s Student Government elections, students had the opportunity to vote on a referendum on whether they would support the sale of alcohol at on-campus athletic games. The referendum passed with overwhelming support, with 81 percent of students voting for the measure. The reason offered for the alcohol sale proposal was that the measure would boost student and alumni attendance and improve school spirit. 

Opinion: AU needs to do more for students struggling with drug addiction

(05/01/19 4:00am)

AU is currently being led by the previous Secretary of Health and Human Services, yet the University does not pay enough attention to its students who experience substance abuse and addiction. Given our intense party culture and that our rates of substance abuse are higher than the national average, it is imperative that AU administrators take significant strides in providing for its students who are struggling with addiction.

Opinion: Let Wonk Cat be a cat, not a fundraising tool

(05/01/19 4:00am)

Officially, AU’s mascot is the infamous Clawed Z. Eagle. However, everyone on campus knows that the unofficial mascot has become the Wonk Cat, a black and white tuxedo cat who lives outside of the McKinley building. Since her first appearance on campus, Wonk Cat has been the recipient of an outpouring of student love, a source of memes and even a way for students to connect with their community.