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District of Cinema Special Episode: Conversations with filmmakers of the Native Cinema Showcase

(11/26/21 7:29pm)

Eagle writers Thais and Audrey interview directors Nuria Frigola Torrent and Christopher Kahunahana about their feature films showcased at the Native Cinema Showcase, hosted by the Museum of the American Indian. Check out the review for Kahunahana's film, "Waikiki" here. Read The Eagle's review of three other featured films at the Native Cinema Showcase here.

District of Cinema Episode 6: The Coen Brothers and Catching Up

(10/13/21 3:56pm)

Ep. 6: Silver Screen editor Tristan Au, Life staff members Olivia Kozlevcar and Spenser Hoover, and Eagle contributor Siena Maxwell discuss the rationale and relevancy of Coen Brothers films. Due to the presence of an actual film connoisseur, they are forced to discuss real things such as auteur and cinematography. 

District of Cinema Episode 5: The Team on Tearjerkers

(10/06/21 4:57pm)

Silver Screen editor Tristan Au and Life staff members Olivia Kozlevcar and Spenser Hoover discuss all of the movies that make them cry. Tristan tears up, and there's a lot more singing this episode than is usually featured on the podcast. Stay tuned for Spenser's Celine Dion impression and Tristan pretending he's Ewan McGregor.

“DANCEWORKS 2021” excites with its ingenious use of the digital interface

(04/22/21 6:59pm)

For anyone who questioned if dance could operate in the virtual setting, “DANCEWORKS 2021” gave its emphatic answer: Absolutely. Energetic, emotional and downright mesmerizing, the American University Dance Program has overcome the virtual setting with its ingenious adaptations to an online space.