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Former SG president Taylor Dumpson seeks $1.5 million in damages from neo-Nazi website founder

(05/06/19 4:00am)

Taylor Dumpson, a former AU Student Government president, is seeking more than $1.5 million in court-ordered damages against the founder of a neo-Nazi website for leading an online harrasment campaign against her, following an on-campus hate crime.

The HQ2 divide

(03/26/19 2:29am)

Just months after Amazon’s November announcement to divide its second headquarters (HQ2) between New York City and Arlington, Virginia, the tech company chose to scrap plans for its Queens location in February, after backlash ensued over the impact the company could have on the area.

Man who harassed former SG president online agrees to apologize, renounce white supremacy

(12/19/18 3:54am)

Evan James McCarty, who harassed former Student Government President Taylor Dumpson on social media after she was targeted in a racist hate crime, agreed in a court settlement Tuesday to receive “anti-hate training,” apologize to Dumpson in writing and through a video chat and publicly renounce white supremacy and other forms of bigotry.

How Tamir Harper is already making his mark on the public education system

(08/10/18 5:00pm)

Tamir Harper believes that every student, particularly those living in cities, deserves a quality education. That’s why the incoming freshman co-founded the nonprofit UrbEd with his high school classmate Luke Risher in 2016 -- to help reform urban education, especially in Philadelphia, Harper’s hometown.

How would AU react in an active shooter situation? AU police outline protocol

(06/25/18 3:30pm)

Following a recent series of deadly school shootings across the country, The Eagle sat down with Philip Morse, the assistant vice president of University Police Services and Emergency Management, to discuss what AUPD does to prepare the campus and responders for an active shooter situation at AU.

AU students join calls to end gun violence at March for Our Lives

(03/25/18 12:58am)

As hundreds of thousands gathered outside the U.S. Capitol Saturday to call for an end to gun violence, American University student organizations protested in the March for Our Lives. The march was largely organized by survivors of February’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which killed 17 people and wounded 17 others.