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Op-ed: With Haley we know what we are voting for

(03/21/17 8:42pm)

Two years ago, I made some pretty steep promises. I said I would start a conversation about trigger warnings on syllabi, especially regarding content about sexual assault. Before I realized it, our Faculty Senate passed a resolution condemning mandated trigger warnings. I did my best to keep the conversation going. Was it our greatest policy success? Probably not. But it is always worth it to fight for our students and have hard conversations.

Farewell to a year of service

(05/01/16 2:00pm)

One day this past summer, a friend walked into the SG execs office (now called KJS, or the Kevin J. Sutherland Executive Office) and found me sobbing at my desk. I couldn’t figure out how to start an email to an administrator I was nervous about meeting. When they asked me what was wrong, I only answered, “I don’t know how to do anything!” and kept crying.