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AU’s food pantry hopes to increase student outreach, provide healthy options and destigmatize food insecurity

(06/13/22 1:43pm)

In fall  2020 in the United States, 30 percent of four-year-university students said they experienced food insecurity in the past 30 days, according to Health Affairs, and it disproportionately affected students of color. 

Sine Institute Fellow hosts webinar on environmental justice in underprivileged communities

(06/09/22 1:51pm)

AU Sine Institute Fellow Mustafa Santiago Ali brought two guest lecturers to his webinar series to encourage students to use education to develop environmental and economic solutions within underprivileged communities. In this virtual webinar, Revitalizing Vulnerable Communities - Moving Our Most Vulnerable Communities From Surviving to Thriving, guest lecturers Jimmy Moore and Derrick Evans discussed their groundwork within underprivileged communities.

‘Sophie Jones’ soundtrack exemplifies music’s role in indie film

(06/02/22 12:42pm)

From that first glimpse into Sophie Jones’ world, it’s impossible not to get swept up in “Sophie Jones” and the painfully authentic story of a teenage girl grappling with the death of her mother. The film’s depiction of grief, accompanied by its portrayal of the awkwardness and excitement of high school relationships, makes it clear that “Sophie Jones” is not your usual rose-colored coming-of-age film. Rather, Jessie Barr and her cousin Jessica Barr — both producers of the film — succeed in highlighting those slice-of-life moments that many movies about teens tend to gloss over. While the cast’s grit in portraying both tear-jerking and comical scenes is evident, there seems to be an unspoken character wavering in between and behind the scenes — music.

Commuter students frustrated with University fees and feel disconnected with campus

(05/31/22 3:43pm)

Student commuters feel that living off campus and commuting changes the way they interact with the campus and their classes. In light of American University’s tuition increase, students living farther from campus feel that tuition and fees for student commuters are an undue burden. 

Opinion: Student Government’s toxic environment: The organization’s failings stem from the top

(05/27/22 1:00pm)

American University’s Student Government has been a broken institution for a long time. Often, students begin at the Senate and Executive branch with initial high hopes for student body advocacy but leave disillusioned at the inefficacy of the organization. Under the current administration, these sentiments have only grown stronger. 

ARTECHOUSE presents pristine ‘PIXEL BLOOM’ exhibit

(05/26/22 1:30pm)

Attending the National Cherry Blossom Festival and appreciating the flowers while they are in bloom is a long standing tradition for D.C. locals. Because the season is short-lived, the PIXEL BLOOM exhibit in ARTECHOUSE provides viewers with a non-traditional museum experience that celebrates the blossoms long after the season's passing.

‘It just didn't feel real’: Seniors reflect on fundamental college experiences and opportunities lost to the pandemic

(04/29/22 1:15pm)

In spring 2020, American University students were away vacationing on spring break when they suddenly found out about the shift to online learning. All classes were to be conducted over Zoom indefinitely, and students were expected to immediately vacate campus.