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Staff Editorial: AU’s response to strike illustrates the need to prioritize the University as a community, not a business

(09/07/22 12:38pm)

Last Monday, a recent Eagle article reported that after 486 days at the bargaining table followed by a week-long strike organized by the American University Staff Union, an agreement between the union and the University. 

Student Government stipends increase for executive board members

(09/02/22 1:16pm)

The American University Student Government will use $45,000 to provide stipends for the 2022-2023 academic year, an increase of $1,000 from the previous year. The payments are for members of the executive board and their cabinets. Members of the Undergraduate Senate do not receive stipends, with the exception of the speaker. 

REVIEW: ‘Ancestors Know Who We Are’ asserts the kinship of Black-Indigenous people through art

(09/01/22 12:00pm)

Brutal colonialist practices and white supremacy have suppressed the culture and relationship of Black and Indigenous communities for centuries, leaving many members from younger generations disconnected from their mother tongue, lineage and dual identity. 

Roundup: Ways to stay active on the water

(08/30/22 12:37pm)

As we head into the final month of summer and the temperature heats up, it may be difficult to find exciting and energizing ways to stay cool. No need to sweat it — The Eagle has a list of some on-the-water activities that may work out for you. Any item or concept that may be needed to participate in these activities can be bought, rented (here is a “Top 10” list of rental places in the D.C. area) or learned about through a quick online search.

Following weeklong strike, University and Staff Union come to an agreement on contract

(08/29/22 7:27pm)

After 468 days at the bargaining table and the past week spent on strike, the American University Staff Union secured a contract with the University. The Union went on strike from Aug. 22 to Aug. 26, against what staff said were unfair wages, a result of unsuccessful bargaining sessions with the administration during the negotiating process.

AU Latinos hablan sobre sus experiencias dentro la comunidad LGBTQ+

(08/29/22 6:21pm)

Junio es el mes en que las celebraciones de PRIDE ocurren principalmente. Hay desfiles y festivales por todas partes de la nación con los más conocidos en ciudades grandes como Nueva York y San Francisco. El Águila habló con dos estudiantes Latinos que son parte de la comunidad LGBTQ sobre sus experiencias y cómo celebraron durante el mes.

Opinion: Barriers to ADHD Assistance in colleges are not only impractical, but damaging

(08/29/22 12:00pm)

There is no question that going to college is hard, but for some college students, the difficulty in accomplishing even the most simple tasks seems insurmountable. Certain tasks, assignments and responsibilities shouldn’t be as taxing as they appear, which is incredibly frustrating. Trying in vain to work on a project, but instead sitting at your computer for hours on end, mind blank or wandering endlessly, is not normal. Wanting to get out of bed and start your day but feeling an invisible barrier preventing you from moving, no matter how much you want to get up, is not normal. 

National Museum of African American History and Culture releases LGBTQ+ photography collection

(08/25/22 12:00pm)

The National Museum of African American History and Culture recently released its LGBTQ+ photography collection as a part of its Open Access initiative. The launch is intended to give people online access to the images and data within the museum's various collections, allowing people to educate themselves on Black LGBTQ+ history in a new way. 

Roundup: Five stylish small businesses in the DMV

(08/24/22 4:00am)

Shopping small is an important part of supporting your local community. The DMV offers a wide variety of locally owned boutiques, consignment shops and small businesses ideal for revamping closets for the approaching school year. Though choosing from all the small businesses in the area can be difficult, The Eagle has five recommendations with a wide variety of style and price ranges that are perfect for a fall shopping spree. 

As bike safety remains a prevalent issue in the district, students and faculty look to advancements in infrastructure and incentive programs

(08/23/22 12:00pm)

In July, three D.C. cyclists were killed in separate accidents. Now the Washington Area Bicyclists Association is demanding the city enact new laws to keep bikers safe.