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Q&A: Justin Simien, writer-director of “Dear White People”

(10/19/14 5:20pm)

Writer, director and producer Justin Simien burst onto the scene with the new satirical film “Dear White People,” which explores race in America through the lens of satire. The Eagle’s Brianna Williams sat down with Simien to discuss the film. After you read the interview, check out Williams’ review of the film.

Movie Review: "Dear White People"

(10/19/14 5:08pm)

“Dear White People” shakes things up so that its core humor and sarcasm does not cover up the controversial race issues that need to be addressed. Instead, it highlights and provokes thoughts and emotions about certain issues that society is afraid to discuss, or dare to even mention, in regards to the black community. It tackles sexuality, hair, economic status and so much more.

The Rewind: Parenthood, Scandal and South Park

(10/13/13 4:51am)

Parenthood: Season 5, Episode 2 – “All Aboard Who’s Coming Aboard” With the niceties of the season premiere in the past, the Bravermans stumbled toward a variety of mistakes this week. Christina (Monica Potter, “Saw”) plunged ahead with intrepid mayoral campaign, hiring a campaign manager (Jurnee Smollett “Friday Night Lights”) and arousing continued skepticism from her husband Adam (Peter Krause, “Six Feet Under”). Julia met a fellow unemployed parent (David Denman, “The Office”) at her daughter’s school, but this “meet cute” was a little too cute for a married woman. Crosby’s infant hatred grew stronger as the tears grew louder, and Sarah (Lauren Graham, “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs”) once again caught the eye of curmudgeonly photographer Hank (Ray Romano, “Ice Age: Continental Drift”).

The Scene’s album review brew

(09/16/13 5:58pm)

Correction appended After a summer of long-anticipated album releases and even some surprise ones (“Magna Carta Holy Grail,” anyone?), artists from all genres have begun putting out albums early in the fall to help transition into cooler weather. After all, autumn is a time for change, whether it’s a moodier sound or a more mature image. Check out the albums below, and maybe you’ll make a change to your playlists as well.