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AU’s political groups ramp up campaigning efforts for 2020 election

(12/11/19 5:00am)

American University’s student-run organizations have been preparing for the 2020 and off-year elections with get-out-the-vote campaigning. The College Democrats, College Republicans and Democratic presidential candidate student groups are all doing their part to mobilize their peers as part of a larger effort nationwide to increase turnout at the ballot box next November. 

College Republicans, AU conservatives unsure of impeachment inquiry

(11/16/19 5:00am)

People from across the nation came together to march on Capitol Hill on Oct. 17 to show support for President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election bid amid the ongoing impeachment inquiry. With the impeachment hearings being held publicly for the first time in the investigation, the Trump march stands as a reflection of attitudes of frustration on the matter.

Chuck Todd speaks at AU’s School of Communication

(11/04/19 7:15pm)

Chuck Todd, the current moderator of NBC's “Meet the Press” and the political director for NBC News, spoke to American University students at an event hosted by the School of Communication and the Kennedy Political Union on Oct. 10. Todd discussed the latest on President Trump, journalism’s contemporary role in society and recent political news with students. 

AU professor conducts research on bias in rideshare apps

(10/30/19 8:00pm)

An assistant professor in the information technology and analytics department at AU recently co-authored a study with an assistant professor from Indiana University, which found that rideshare apps have particular biases with minority passengers. They concluded that LGBTQ+ and black passengers face more cancellations when they use rideshare apps.