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Opinion: The learning curve is in more than just the classroom

(09/29/22 12:00pm)

Students of all walks of life enter the world of higher education, but the playing field is not the same for all. When entering college, every student is confronted with new information they didn’t know before. Much like every system in place in our society, academia has a game that accompanies it — there are rules to follow, cheat codes to use and information to know. Meeting people from different backgrounds becomes a learning experience for everyone on campus, but unfortunately, there are many different pieces of information that some students know and others find out too late. 

Opinion: AU’s sendoff for the women’s basketball team was great, let’s keep it going

(04/19/22 3:46pm)

American University’s women’s basketball team recently won the Patriot League Championship and was awarded a bid to the March Madness tournament. President Sylvia Burwell and AU celebrated this accomplishment with a sending-off ceremony and multiple social media posts. It was a fantastic celebration of an amazing accomplishment and AU should be doing that more often.