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Opinion: One year later: Survivors are still waiting

(12 hours ago)

In the year since the horrific break-in and sexual assault in Leonard Hall on Oct. 31, 2022,  the American University administration has blatantly disregarded calls to action from organizers and students. In the aftermath of this tragic event, over 1,400 students signed a letter to President Burwell demanding five actions be taken to protect survivors of sexual violence. It’s been a year, and we have yet to see any of the five actions implemented, despite the resounding demand by the student body. 

Opinion: Fare-free DC buses promote accessibility and sustainability

(11/14/23 5:00am)

Accessible public transit should be a right, not a privilege for D.C. residents. Making city bus fares free not only gives low-income D.C. residents, students and tourists the ability to ride without the looming worry of compounding costs, but it also incentivizes the use of public transit as a whole. 

The AU administration needs to protect survivors, not its reputation

(12/09/22 3:05pm)

On Nov. 10, student organizers staged a walkout to protest the mishandling of sexual assault and misconduct on campus. Since then, the efforts of American University’s administration to meet student demands regarding sexual violence on campus have been lackluster. Furthermore, the response following the break-in and subsequent sexual assault in Leonard Hall has been painfully inadequate. 

Opinion: Letts Hall and dorm lockout policy: Where is our money going?

(11/10/22 1:33pm)

As we find ourselves at the mid-semester mark, many freshmen, including myself, are moving past the “honeymoon phase” of the first weeks of college. With this comes the realization that American University, the alleged most liberal university in the U.S., is still a money-hungry, capitalist institution.