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Opinion: Female professors deserve tenure support

(11/16/18 6:00pm)

The tenure process is long. After six years of jumping through scholarship hoops, professors must put all their hope on a single person: the provost. Job security for those in academia depends on just one person after years of scholarship and teaching. This dependence on one person can change the trajectory of one’s career. If someone has been denied tenure, it can be difficult to start fresh. The provost can single handedly change someone's life.

Opinion: How men can make themselves agents of change in the #MeToo movement

(11/14/18 5:14pm)

In light of the not so recent events surrounding the Kavanaugh-Ford hearings, it’s time to talk about what men can do in this post #MeToo era. Politically and socially, the country is still split. Some people, like President Trump and Republican senators, are relieved that what they called a “witch hunt” with the Kavanaugh hearings is finally over. Democrats and other liberals are confused, while some are upset and many others are outright angry.

Chamber Singers amaze audience with ‘In Our Hands: Music Shaped by the New World’

(11/13/18 9:47pm)

The American University Chamber Singers’ winter concert, “In Our Hands: Music Shaped by the New World,” took audience members on an alluring journey through time and place right in the comfort of our very own Abramson Family Recital Hall on Nov. 4. The ensemble seamlessly linked a myriad of styles from European, Latin American and North American traditions, all leading up to a feature on choral music in the modern United States.

Opinion: Champion women who exist in male-dominated spaces

(11/13/18 3:00pm)

At the University, there are a multitude of clubs and activities for students to get involved in. Based on the AU Class of 2022 numbers, the class demographics show that 65 percent are females and 35 percent are males. Even though women make up most of the student population, we still see several male-dominated clubs and activities at AU. Residence Hall Association (RHA) and Student Government are prime examples of this skewed gender ratio. As we see more males being elected to Student Government and RHA positions, we should be asking ourselves why this gender disparity happens.

Opinion: Americans must demand an end to support for atrocities in Yemen

(11/12/18 8:25pm)

In a recent investigation, the New York Times published a photo of an emaciated young girl, Amal Hussain, suffering from starvation in Yemen. Her picture and subsequent death provoked an emotional and empathetic response from readers and became another symbol of civilian suffering in war-torn Yemen. The picture is unfortunately just one of many disturbing images from a war between Saudi Arabia and rebel groups who are fighting for control over land and political power in Yemen.

AU volleyball’s Megan Crush yearns for another championship banner in Bender

(11/12/18 3:00pm)

Bringing home a championship title is an accomplishment many athletes dream of. Megan Crush, a sophomore libero, tucked this under her belt with her first year as a member of AU’s volleyball team, as they won the Patriot League tournament in 2017. Winning in her freshman year put her life in a whirlwind of excitement, but it came to have a humbling effect on her and her future plans as an Eagle.