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Letter to the editor: Doing your homework: Liz Pancotti has a track record of Title IX advocacy

(03/28/17 6:44pm)

It’s a little wonky of me, but I’m prepared to admit that I’m an avid reader of The Eagle. I check the online edition multiple times a week, am always sure to pick of a copy of the print edition and am routinely impressed by the quality of the staff’s work.

Preview: Treble in Paradise hosts “Lights, Camera, Acapalooza”

(03/28/17 6:39pm)

Treble in Paradise will host its 11th annual Acapalooza event with seven groups set to perform in the Kay Spiritual Life Center on April 1 from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. In addition to Treble in Paradise, the other groups performing are AU’s On a Sensual Note, Pitches Be Trippin’ and Dime a Dozen, as well as George Washington University’s Troubadours, the GW Vibes, the University of Maryland Generics and Haverford College ‘Ford S-Chords.

Visiting political theorist: borders undermine equality

(03/27/17 6:57pm)

Many attendees were left without a chair at the standing room only presentation of “Democratic Legitimacy and Coercively Enforced Borders” in the Mary Graydon Center on March 9. Michael James, a political theorist, was at AU to give a lecture primarily focused on his strong belief against closed international borders.

Op-ed: The importance of the new Responsible Action Protocol

(03/27/17 4:32pm)

When I was the president of a fraternity, my biggest fear was someone getting hurt at a party. If anyone were to be assaulted, transported or even die at an event, I don’t know how I could live with myself. The thought gave me nightmares immediately after I was elected. I didn’t know how I could handle the stress. The anxiety I had was overwhelming. I stayed sober at most of our parties and when I didn’t, I became the problem – drinking enough so I would forget about worrying.

Album Review: Spoon

(03/27/17 4:26pm)

In “Hot Thoughts,” Spoon finds the next stage in its evolution, but doesn’t lose track of its roots in the process. The ninth studio album from the Austin based indie-rockers hit shelves on March 17, and is distributed by Matador Records.