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Blackballed or not, Kaepernick’s politics are no cause for punishment

(06/28/17 3:31pm)

Last football season, quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee. In doing so, he controversially rocked the core of the sporting world in silent protest. He not only stirred the conversation of police brutality in America, he sparked a heated discussion about the place of politics and protest in sports.

Op-ed: Beware the national debt

(06/28/17 8:00pm)

The national debt is on the rise. Each second, the U.S. accumulates another dollar in debt, ticking the debt clock higher and higher.  Each year, legislators allow us to spend more than the revenues we take in, resulting in large federal deficits, according to the Congressional Budget Office. In 1970, the national debt was $371 billion. Now, it is $20 trillion (If you were wondering, that’s twelve zeros).

Easy and affordable avocado toast recipes

(06/26/17 2:00pm)

Before writing this article, I had never had avocado toast before. Sure, I’d heard of it, and had considered making it after reading an article on Buzzfeed that had nine different recipes, but I’d always been turned off by the cost. Much to my tastebuds’ dismay, avocados aren’t cheap, and they don’t last long. Not to mention all the other toppings on avocado toast. Depending on what you get, they might not be affordable either.

Album Review: “Ti Amo” by Phoenix

(06/21/17 10:08pm)

My high school psychology teacher once explained alternative music as “guys with guitars in tight jeans singing about their ex-girlfriends.” It is hard to say that the French alt-rock band Phoenix doesn’t fit this criteria, but to pigeonhole them would be missing the bigger picture of their discography. Their latest album, “Ti Amo,” is a language hopping summer album, upbeat yet laid back in tone and style, that rides background guitar and foreground pop synth.

Taylor Dumpson reflects on her first month in office

(06/19/17 3:05pm)

Monday, May 1 was Taylor Dumpson’s first day as student government president. Just hours after taking office, her excitement turned to heartache. Sleepy-eyed students, drained from a pre-finals all nighter in Bender Library, spotted bananas hanging from nooses on campus. The bananas targeted her and her historically African-American sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha.

How AU volleyball plans to make it back to the NCAA tournament

(06/16/17 9:00pm)

Heading into the 2017 volleyball season, AU returns the same core of players which delivered a Patriot League championship last fall and an appearance in the NCAA tournament that ended with a loss to Michigan in the first round. The team only graduates one senior, Julita Kurdziuk, and with the team a year older and more experienced, the Eagles hope to reach greater heights in 2017. Here are four things to watch heading into the season.

Lack of cyber security poses a major threat to human lives

(06/16/17 1:00pm)

Several weeks ago, a ransomware called “WannaCrypt/WannaDecript0r” hit computer systems across the world, affecting 200,000 victims in over 150 countries, according to Rob Wainwright, director of Europol. The malware encrypted patient/client data in computer systems running older Windows operating systems and prevented data from being viewed until a ransom in Bitcoin was paid.