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Man who harassed former SG president online agrees to apologize, renounce white supremacy

(12/19/18 3:54am)

Evan James McCarty, who harassed former Student Government President Taylor Dumpson on social media after she was targeted in a racist hate crime, agreed in a court settlement Tuesday to receive “anti-hate training,” apologize to Dumpson in writing and through a video chat and publicly renounce white supremacy and other forms of bigotry.

Column: Men’s basketball didn’t fail, but they didn’t pass either

(12/13/18 3:46am)

Last season, it made sense that AU lost a majority of its close games. When a team lacks depth the way AU did, it’s difficult to play hard for all 40, and giving inexperienced players a lion’s share of the minutes means that the mistakes will add up. So going into their Nov. 30 game, a healthy, streaking AU had reasons to be confident against a 2-4 Wagner team they had lost to last year by just one point.

Opinion: The media needs to focus on genuine representation

(12/17/18 3:30pm)

On Oct. 26, the long awaited remake of a decades old TV show, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” was released on Netflix. In trailers and teasers, it promised to be dark and compelling, a subversion from the original “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” I watched the whole series in an embarrassingly short time span and enjoyed it, but there was something nagging that pulled at me. The show had an immensely diverse cast, one that goes beyond a lot of modern shows today, but failed to deliver on the genuine heart of representation.

Opinion: Faculty should be upfront about their personal political views

(12/15/18 3:30pm)

Politics are omnipresent at AU. The University’s location, the active student body, The Princeton Review’s ranking and a variety of other factors support the conclusion that separating politics from an AU education is impossible. This unique experience of learning in Washington is only enhanced by our affinity for politics.

University sets up fund for students who face financial emergencies

(12/11/18 2:00pm)

The struggles faced by former AU student Max Durbin, who could not afford to attend the University after he was cut off from his parents for coming out as transgender, raised a central response from readers: What could the University be doing to help students who run into these types of financial challenges?

Want to be a filmmaker? Put in the work outside of class, students say

(12/16/18 3:30pm)

Within the School of Communication, aspiring filmmakers can find an extensive amount of resources, including events with acclaimed filmmakers and mentorship from professors. But film majors and professors stress that while the school offers a great amount of opportunities, filmmakers have to put in work outside of class to make the most out of their AU experience.

The fabric of South Asia: How students use fashion to connect with their culture

(12/12/18 3:30pm)

Students clad in vibrant lehengas, saris and kurtas alike filled the Tavern on Oct. 19 for “The Royal Jalwa,” an event hosted by AU’s South Asian Student Association. Students who walked the runway of the event’s fashion show wore colorful garments, jewelry pieces and sequined shawls that represented distinct elements of their culture.

Staff editorial: Unanswered questions remain about construction’s impact on campus life

(12/11/18 9:16pm)

Last fall, construction began to replace outdated steam pipes with energy-saving Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) piping system. Each campus building will need to be connected to the new system, a move that will AU’s carbon emissions. The scope of the project was described as “massive” by David Dower, AU’s assistant vice president for project management.