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Column: Loren McKenzie is an emerging star who demands all our attention

(10/12/18 7:02pm)

In the old Pokemon series, there was a move called Rage. The general objective of the move was to build up as much energy as possible before the enemy Pokemon could defeat you. It started off semi-powerful, grew to be extremely powerful and, if your Pokemon had not been defeated, would proceed to cause atom-splitting, team energizing, 3-1 lead momentum shifting damage. Your Pokemon would win the match.

The Dorm Food Diaries: Navigating breakfast in your dorm room

(10/11/18 2:25pm)

Transitioning into living in a college dorm is no easy feat, especially for those of us used to home-cooked meals and an accessible kitchen poised for everything from baked lasagna to an elaborate birthday cake. But when it’s 9:00 a.m. and you have a class in an hour, getting out of bed to run to TDR or braving the line at Einstein’s can be more of a battle than waking up itself. As a self-professed lover of all things easy and healthy, I’ve developed a few dorm room recipes that work within a reasonable timeframe and appease my morning hollow stomach.

Patriot League’s defending Libero of the Year Kristen Largay reflects on college career

(10/11/18 1:10am)

Junior Kristen Largay, the defending Patriot League Libero of the Year, has passed expectations, set new records and killed the competition. Largay has collected countless accolades in her nine-year volleyball career, from captaining her high school volleyball team to making her mark in conference history.

From “Pippin” to concerts, here are AU’s music offerings this fall

(10/08/18 8:52pm)

From classical performances to upbeat musicals, there’s something for everyone to see at AU this semester, especially in the world of music within the Department of Performing Arts. There’s never a shortage of performances at AU, so here are The Eagle’s highlights from the fall semester calendar.

Opinion: Hosting Corker at Sine Institute shows how far AU will bend over backwards for appearance of bipartisanship

(10/08/18 3:36pm)

Idealizing “cooperation” in today's polarized political system ignores the enormous contemporary social issues that divide political parties through personal beliefs rather than fiscal differences. Being “bipartisan” in America today means choosing to compromise with people who believe the following: transgender Americans don’t have the right to their own gender identity, women shouldn't have the power to make decisions about their own bodies and citizens should not exercise their right to protest police violence against Black Americans.

Kali Uchis brings the Isolation tour to the DMV

(10/07/18 4:22pm)

Since 2012, Kali Uchis has risen from an unknown artist on SoundCloud to the face of the indie-pop movement. The 24-year-old Colombian-American star emerged on the scene with her mixtape "Drunken Babble" in 2012. She has also released two full-length albums: "Por Vida" in 2015 and "Isolation" in 2018. Uchis will be performing music off of “Isolation” at the 9:30 Club on Oct. 10th.

Drake and Migos rock D.C. with a two-night stop during Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour

(10/04/18 2:23pm)

Drake visited Washington, D.C., Sept. 12 and 13 at the Capital One Arena, ready to leave the audience wanting more as the rapper premiered his “Aubrey and the Three Migos” Tour. The anticipation of waiting for Drake’s appearance was full of uncertainty. Once Drake appeared on stage, the question, “Is Drake really right in front of me?” may have been on the minds of many attending the concert.