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Opinion: Is AUx a helpful freshman transition course or a waste of time?

(10/26/18 4:00pm)

Imagine: You’re a freshman in high school. It’s your first day, and you couldn’t be more excited to leave behind your toxic middle school friend group and finally get elected into student government. You walk into your first period, biology, excited to start your path to valedictorian, but wait! Let’s start with a few ice breakers. That feeling of dread? Of discomfort at being put on the spot? Of annoyance at wasting your time? That’s what it feels like to sit through AUx.

Satire: Senior university administrator responds to an email in timely fashion

(10/25/18 8:52pm)

In our new series, “Who is AU?” The Seagle will profile a new community member every two weeks, in an attempt to highlight the hopes, dreams and aspirations of our diverse community that hails from all corners of the New York tri-state area. We want to know more about the real you, and also the administration needs more propaganda to entice naive and innocent high school students.

Opinion: Testing the authenticity of our Latinx ethnicities is counterproductive

(10/25/18 8:49pm)

Over the summer I worked at a restaurant with a staff comprised of predominantly Latin origin. They would bark orders, have casual conversations and make passing remarks in Spanish. Although I don’t speak fluent Spanish, I still understood what they said and laughed along to all of their jokes. One day, an employee asked why I wasn’t responding in Spanish and I replied that I was still learning the language and couldn’t properly communicate. His face crinkled in confusion, mulling over what I said. After several seconds of tense silence, he replied with biting humor.

American University found responsible for age discrimination in former professor’s tenure case

(10/24/18 8:15pm)

Former School of International Service professor Loubna Skalli-Hanna won over $1.3 million in a tenure discrimination lawsuit against American University that was decided on Oct. 15. Skalli-Hanna was awarded “$1,151,000 in economic damages and $175,000 in emotional distress damages,” according to a press release by the law firm representing her, Bernabei & Kabat, PLLC.

Opinion: A student activity fee increase brings no guarantee of benefiting clubs

(10/24/18 4:04pm)

Over the past two days, students had the opportunity to vote not just for their Student Government representation, but for a student activity fee increase. This would be the first increase in nearly five years. As reported by The Eagle, the proposed fee increase will be from $88.50 per semester to an even $100 per semester.

AU basketball coaches discuss upcoming season at annual ‘Chalk Talk’

(10/23/18 7:42pm)

Basketball activities resumed at AU as the athletic department hosted its seventh annual Chalk Talk Saturday afternoon in Bender Arena. Full of friendly competition, players from the men’s and women’s teams were divided into four small teams to compete in skill-based events. The Chalk Talk concluded with a Q&A with head coaches Mike Brennan and Megan Gebbia.

Soccer forward Jerry Zouantcha’s second year is already yielding fruit

(10/24/18 2:00pm)

Bucknell had been leading since the end of the first half. With mere minutes left of game time, Eagles fans began to zip up their bags, collect their belongings and make plans for the rest of the afternoon, walking away from an expected loss. But for sophomore forward Jerry Zouantcha, it wasn’t over. After a few dribbles, he shot and scored, tying the game.

Troye Sivan captivates the Anthem with a refreshingly heartfelt performance

(10/22/18 6:25pm)

In a world of overly extravagant productions packed with elaborate sets, stages and costumes, it’s easy for live performance to lose its essence. On Thursday, Oct. 4, pop sensation Troye Sivan challenged this trend, illuminating the dimmed mood lighting of the Anthem with his own uniquely impactful yet intimate take on pop performance. Sivan reminded audience members of the immense power of raw, heartfelt connections between musicians and their audiences, allowing the intricate details of his music to speak for themselves.