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District of Cinema Episode 24: Films About Food

(03/30/22 6:18pm)

Spenser, Koz and Tristan go off the rails about the snacks they enjoy at the theaters and the best films that explore food. Koz reveals her obsession with moss and Spenser does the same with rocks. Tristan questions how normal it is for Koz to bring a pepper grinder into the theater for her popcorn. He also doesn't know how to pronounce "Campbells."

District of Cinema Episode 23: New Release Recap: 'After Yang' and the 'Turning Red' Controversy

(03/23/22 5:46pm)

Spenser, Koz and Tristan review "The Batman," "After Yang" and "Turning Red." They also discuss the different controversies "Turning Red" has caused online, such as a critic calling the film "limiting in its scope." Tristan reveals that "After Yang" made him cry after 30 minutes and Spenser unexpectedly connects with the doodles of Meilin Lee from "Turning Red." 

District of Cinema Episode 22: A Conversation with the filmmakers of "The American Diplomat"

(03/18/22 9:32pm)

In this special episode, staff writer Audrey Barnett talks to filmmakers Kiley Kraskouskas, Leola Calzolai-Stewart and Rachell Shapiro about their new film, "The American Diplomat." The three filmmakers run FLOWSTATE Films, a production company based in D.C. The film follows three Black U.S. diplomats as the Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement complicates their foreign missions of spreading democracy. 

District of Cinema Episode 19: Analyzing the Oscars — Part 1

(02/16/22 7:04pm)

Tristan, Koz and Spenser discuss the happy surprises, numerous snubs, and laughable gaffs of the 2022 Oscar nominees. Topics discussed include the need for greater documentary and short film distribution, Lin Manuel Miranda, Suicide Squad, prosthetics, the challenges of adapting screenplays and much more. "Don't Look Up Fans" be warned: this episode is not for you.

District of Cinema Episode 18: 'Honey Boy' and our Valentine's Day picks

(02/09/22 6:55pm)

Tristan, Koz and Spenser unpack "Honey Boy," the deeply personal project written from actor Shia LaBeouf's own experiences. The crew rate Alma Har'el's directorial debut as powerful to various extents; they agree that the performances are solid, yet the narrative leaves a little to be desired. With everyone's favorite holiday around the corner, the crew then recommends their picks for a romantic, or at least entertaining, Valentine's Day. 

District of Cinema Episode 17: Deciphering 'Drive My Car' and comforting Koz

(02/02/22 6:29pm)

Tristan, Koz and Spenser revel over the mastery of Ryusuke Hamaguchi's newest film, "Drive My Car." With its deep connection and homage to the theater, Koz appreciates the unique, multilingual approach the film takes within its narrative. They then list their favorite comfort films, as Koz recovers from her wisdom teeth surgery. We also don't know how she was able to record hours after that.