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Senate committee releases finance report outlining SG budget allocations, student stipends

(02/28/19 10:38pm)

In a report released by the Student Government Senate Finance Committee, SG members addressed the organization’s budget transparency issues, along with outlining stipend allocations to student leaders and recommending financial steps that SG could take to improve students’ trust in its decisions.  

Opinion: D.C. mold law changes would help students in off-campus housing

(02/26/19 2:45am)

The D.C. City Council is considering important new regulations for mold remediation in the District after an investigation by the NBC Washington I-Team revealed a pattern of mold problems and lack of housing law enforcement in D.C. The new regulations are essential for addressing ongoing and pervasive mold problems in D.C. housing.

Opinion: You can’t only believe in science when it fits your viewpoint

(02/19/19 9:47pm)

It all started late November around Thanksgiving time. There was a breakout of the E-coli virus in Romaine lettuce. Thirty-two people died from the outbreak across 11 different states. Immediately, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) implemented a ban on all romaine lettuce, calling for it to be removed from the shelves of stores. Across the United States, people observed the ban and steered clear of romaine lettuce. 

The Eagle’s 2019 Oscar picks and predictions

(02/21/19 12:00pm)

This year’s Academy Awards ceremony is sure to be a fascinating one. With the lack of a host and the staggeringly large number of snubbed films (casualties include “Widows” and “You Were Never Really Here”), there’s definitely going to be an uproar so great, we might even hear it all the way from Hollywood to our small, private Washington D.C. university.

Beyond the Byline, Episode 5: The AU Working Group on the Influence of Slavery

(02/18/19 7:39pm)

On this week's episode of Beyond the Byline, host Evan Margiotta talks with The Eagle's managing editor of opinion Nickolaus Mack about his research on AU founder Bishop John Fletcher Hurst and Hurst's connections to slavery, which included owning at least one enslaved individual. Mack's columns about Hurst led to the creation of a university group that studied the University's ties to the institution of slavery and presented their findings in a roundtable on Jan. 30.