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Opinion: AU wants students to vote in midterms this November

(10/30/18 6:00pm)

I remember the feeling the first time I voted. It was during the 2016 presidential election. I remember confidently walking into my Pennsylvania voting center, bubbling the ballot in by hand and feeding it through an electronic machine to ensure it counted. I remember being thanked for doing my civic duty. Despite being distraught in the days that followed, on Nov. 8, 2016, I remember feeling powerful.

Swimmers seek to improve AU’s environment for LGBTQ athletes

(10/30/18 2:30pm)

LGBTQ+ athletes, past and present, have had to hide their sexualities due to the stigma they may face both inside and outside of the locker room. Being a non-heterosexual athlete comes with several obstacles, including harassment and discrimination from teams and fans, being labeled as distractions and feeling like a distinct minority among teammates.

Opinion: Campus construction projects are worthwhile for future

(10/29/18 8:00pm)

Quadding has become a little bit harder thanks to the chain link fence and machinery that seems to have taken over AU’s campus. The library and Watkins buildings are obstructed and the area behind Letts-Anderson as well as the Asbury parking lot are blocked. The AU campus, typically ranked as one of the most beautiful, is now under siege by large construction equipment, ditches and, yes, those mazes of fencing.

How AU’s ‘most politically active campus’ is preparing for the midterms

(10/29/18 5:00pm)

With midterms on the horizon, AU’s politically active campus — ranked number one by the Princeton Review — is gearing up for election season through activism efforts by new and old political clubs. Groups on the right and left say they’re working hard to elect candidates who represent their views, as well as foster better conversations about policy and politics.

AU Dining implements changes to Dining Dollar policies, meal plans

(10/28/18 11:59pm)

When students arrived on campus in August, they may have noticed a significant change to their campus dining options. Four major campus restaurants — the Megabytes Cafe, Mudbox, American Cafe and Asian Flavors — no longer accepted Dining Dollars, the currency included in AU meal plans that can only be spent at AU Dining locations.

President’s diversity council adds student advisory board this fall

(10/28/18 11:35pm)

Since 2016, the President’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion (PCDI) has served to promote diversity and inclusion throughout campus by holding training sessions and meeting with students, faculty and staff members. Though the council has always included students, this year they have a bigger role: serving as representatives on the newly created Student Advisory Council.

Staff editorial: D.C.’s ‘work hard, play hard’ culture is hurting too many students’ wellbeing

(10/26/18 7:04pm)

Many factors entice students to come to American University. Chiefly among them, the university’s location in our nation’s capital allows for nearly unlimited access to a wide array of resources and opportunities. Additionally, students get to experience D.C. culture, noted for its vibrancy, but also for its “work hard, play hard” mentality.