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Five ab workouts to switch up your basic crunch routine

(08/29/17 2:31pm)

Summer--and swimsuit season--is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you have to kiss your summer-body goals goodbye.  Exercise is about more than just looking great; it’s about feeling great, too, says James Davis, an exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer at the Navicent Health Wellness Center in Macon, Georgia. Below, Davis shares the perfect ab workouts to get you back in the zone.

AU Gyms 101: The ultimate guide to navigating AU Fitness

(08/24/17 10:30pm)

For new students moving onto campus, leaving behind your favorite local gym can be a bummer. The stress of classes and the infamous freshman 15 can be nerve wracking. With help from Chris Nasti, the assistant director of fitness and wellness, The Eagle created this guide on how to navigate AU’s Recreation and Fitness centers.

Five ways to explore D.C. without a Welcome Week program

(08/24/17 4:18am)

Explore D.C. is a two-day Welcome Week program for incoming freshmen and transfer students, designed to help new students get accustomed to the city, while also introducing them to the issues faced by the D.C. community. While many students enjoy the Explore D.C. program, for others, the steep price of $100 may be too much to spend on their first week away. Here’s The Eagle’s guide to five affordable activities for incoming students to enjoy during their first week in D.C.

The Eagle’s guide to the best concert venues in DC

(08/25/17 9:00am)

One of the benefits of going to school in Washington, D.C. is the live music that can be found all around the city. Have a favorite artist going on tour? There’s a good chance that they’ll be making a stop at one of the many venues the city has to offer. D.C. has a vibrant─and severely underrated─music scene, so make sure to take advantage of it whenever you get the chance. While there are plenty of venues to choose from, The Eagle found the ones worth the Metro trip.

The Eagle’s guide to campus resources

(08/21/17 1:00pm)

While AU’s campus may be relatively small compared to large, sprawling universities, many different offices and resources may be tricky to locate on your own during your first year. For example, the maze of stairwells known as Butler Pavilion never ceases to confuse students, and the Kreeger building is…where, exactly? Here’s a comprehensive guide to all AU has to offer, on the quad and beyond.

The Eagle’s guide to Welcome Week for foodies on a budget

(08/18/17 1:00pm)

There are many ways to bond with your fellow freshmen during Welcome Week, but, what better way than over something everyone loves: food? From barbecues and late night breakfasts, to snacks and drinks at a game night, the offices of University Center and Student Activities provide all sorts of delicious food for even the pickiest of eaters, along with other sponsoring organizations. Nearly all of the Welcome Week events have some free food, but these are the best ones for a starving college student to hit up.

Explore your options, but know the cost

(08/23/17 1:00pm)

One of the many assets that universities in the U.S have to offer is the ability to pick and choose exactly what you want to study. The curriculum is designed, or rather marketed, in a way that promises students that they don’t have to know what they are doing and have the luxury of changing their major even as late as sophomore year. For example, AU requires that students complete general education courses before selecting a major. Many majors are also small enough or overlap with other courses of study, granting students leeway to explore their interests.

Fall 2017 sports: Games to watch

(08/25/17 9:00am)

It’s a new year, and that means new opportunities for AU on the athletic fields. The Eagles’ fall sports teams will begin their seasons in late August. The 2016 fall sports season was one of the most successful for AU since joining the Patriot League at the turn of the century. The field hockey and volleyball team both claimed Patriot League Tournament titles while the men’s soccer team won the regular season Patriot League title and hosted the Patriot League Tournament.