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SASA’s tenth annual Jalwa Culture and Fashion Show brings South Asia to AU

(10/27/17 4:36pm)

Antara Kshettry took the stage as the final solo performance at the South Asian Student Association’s Jalwa. Kshettry’s performance would make audience members be “shook,” hosts Maya Krishnan and Bakhtawar Mirjat warned, and they were shook, indeed. Kshettry began a Bollywood-style dance performance, moving and swaying to a mashup of several different popular item songs, and she was simply radiant. She felt the music, moved with grace and elegance. The audience went wild.

A chat with Death From Above’s Sebastien Grainger

(10/25/17 9:54pm)

Death From Above is a punk and dance rock duo from Toronto featuring vocalist and drummer Sebastien Grainger and bassist Jesse F. Keeler. Grainger is a 38-year old industry veteran whose discography spans many bands, genres and moods. Apart from singing and playing drums for the band, Grainger also writes lyrics and arranges songs. Grainer’s attention to detail, skill and willingness to experiment shines on his latest album, “Outrage Now!”

New political group founded by AU students, alumni hopes to mobilize young progressives

(10/26/17 12:32pm)

Less than a year ago, AU alumnus Nick Guthman canvassed for then-candidate Hillary Clinton with his friends from AU College Democrats. They’ve since launched a progressive political group to empower young people, amplifying their political voices on local and national campaigns by getting them involved with the campaigns directly.

Jeff Chang’s literary façade

(10/26/17 6:21pm)

It only took several seconds and a single question from a seedy-looking political science major in a ponytail to expose the central deficiency of Jeff Chang’s “We Gon’ Be Alright,” the book that served as required reading for AU freshmen enrolled in college writing courses this fall. At an event with Chang in September, the student asked about an instance in the introduction that pertained to subprime housing foreclosures, in which Chang presented the foreclosure rates of two racial groups—African-Americans and Latinxs—in relation to that of whites as evidence of systemic racism. He asked why Chang did not include the same statistics for Asian-Americans, an ethnic group that had been mentioned in the sentence prior but not in the one with a thesis. After Chang’s flimsy answer and desperate deflection using the classic “I think the better question is…”, it was clear that the book—and Chang’s narrative—largely relied on the integrity of nitpicked evidence and colorful language.

AU cross country and track’s new coach aims to steer team toward new chapter

(10/26/17 4:14pm)

Four months ago, Sean Graham received a phone call from Matt Centrowitz Sr. about the longtime American University coach’s plan to step down from his role at AU. Graham, an assistant coach with Kentucky at the time, didn’t think much of the call in the moment. Graham and the Kentucky track and field team were busy preparing for the Southeastern Conference and NCAA championship meets. It wasn’t until after Kentucky wrapped up its season that Graham took time to reflect on the coaching vacancy at AU.

Work for women’s equality not over

(10/25/17 3:43pm)

Increasingly, women are the ones who go to college. As of fall 2014, which contains the most recent data, 56 percent of students enrolled in postsecondary institutions were women. A majority of higher education students are women, a trend that would have seemed impossible 60 years ago. Here at AU, we can see this trend pretty obviously. Women make up 63 percent of the student body.

No one is talking about the traumatic impact of recent hurricanes on Latin America

(10/24/17 4:40pm)

These past few weeks have been hard -- not only on the American people, but many of our Latin American neighbors. One after another, we have seen hurricanes come and take away loved ones, homes and livelihoods. But this isn’t the end. We will see more. So, we need to be prepared for what’s to come.