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Opinion: I will be voting “yes” on the student activity fee referendum, and you should too

(10/22/18 3:35pm)

What have been the highlights of your experience here at American University? Think about it. I doubt all that time spent going to class or laboring over essays comes readily to mind. More likely, your student experience has been accentuated by the times you shared with the friends that you have made here.

Staff editorial: Who benefits most from a student activity fee increase and to what end?

(10/22/18 2:53am)

Starting Monday at 12 p.m. through Oct. 24, Student Government will hold a student-wide referendum on a proposed raise of the student activity fee by $11.50. Originally proposed this spring, the referendum, referred to by SG members as Amplify the Student Experience, was pushed to the fall elections. If approved, the fee will rise from $88.50 for each student to $100 per semester. The student activity fee is built into AU’s undergraduate student tuition.

Minnesota’s Hippo Campus To Rock A Sold-Out D.C. Crowd’s World

(10/18/18 9:39pm)

As the sixth stop of their Bambi tour, Hippo Campus will play a surely energetic sold-out show Oct. 24 at the 9:30 Club. Hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota, Hippo Campus blends a pop/rock, The 1975-esque sound with crooning, borderline emo vocals to create unique indie pop tunes. The ensemble features Jake Luppen on vocals, Nathan Stocker on guitar, Zach Sutton on bass and Whistler Allen on drums.

Headed by AU, D.C. Space Grant Consortium helps to support development of STEM students

(10/20/18 4:06pm)

It is well-known that AU is home to research centers like the Women & Politics Institute and the recently launched Anti-Racist Research & Policy Center. But students might be surprised to learn that AU is also home to the D.C. Space Grant Consortium (DCSGC), a program sponsored by NASA.

AU alumni win five Cannes Festival Lions

(10/17/18 4:04pm)

Last June, American University alumni Lagan Sebert and Brandon Bloch won awards at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity. The awards were earned for their music video “I Need A Woman,” featuring the singer Kesha, which focused on inclusion and the LGBTQ community by telling the story of a marriage between same-sex couple Dani and Lindsay in a wedding ceremony officiated by Kesha in Las Vegas.

Opinion: ‘India Day’ festival and Viva Kultura performance shows that AU’s administration forgets their South Asian students

(10/16/18 7:02pm)

On Monday, Oct. 8, I went to see a show presented by a group called Viva Kultura which had been touring in Europe and presented one of their first shows in Washington D.C. in the Kay Spiritual Life Center. The dance show was brought here by AU Vegetarians and Bhakti Yoga Club. The theme was Hinduism and Indian culture.

Opinion: Inclusive excellence must be about the desegregation of power

(10/18/18 4:35pm)

University President Sylvia Burwell recently distributed the university administration’s six-month update to the Plan for Inclusive Excellence, AU’s diversity and inclusion strategy. What is noticeably absent from the update and the plan in general is information that would contextualize the campus climate that made the Inclusive Excellence plan necessary.