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Barack Obama's final address

(01/14/17 12:36am)

Barack Obama is the first of many things to people: the first black president, the first Hawaiian born president and the first president from modern Chicago. Having been born in Chicago myself, I often look at politicians from my state with disgust. We have had no shortage of corrupt public servants, such as the recent Rod Blagojevich, Jesse Jackson Jr., Alexi Giannoulias, Mayor Daley Sr. and three of our past recent governors who were convicted of serious crimes and served time in jail.

Op-ed: How to Vote for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

(10/13/16 8:24pm)

This November, across all 50 states, Americans will vote for a candidate for president. These people have traveled all around America, spending money, time and effort to win your vote. Although they disagree on many issues, each organized candidates have kept their arguing to a respectful minimum, in an effort to focus on themselves and the issues. That’s right, this election year Americans will vote for Green Party presidential candidate, activist and Doctor Jill Stein and Libertarian Party presidential candidate and past New Mexico Governor, Gary Johnson!

The Scene’s music venue guide for beginners

(08/26/16 7:00pm)

Now that you have finished traveling from your hometown, (probably New Jersey), and are settled into the dorms, you’re probably trying to come up with things to do with your new group of friends. Although it may not seem like it at first glance, the District boasts a huge music scene. This beginners guide will show you where to go in DC to find awesome shows and cool niche scenes for you and your new friends to explore. And don’t worry, all of the music halls listed admit underage patrons.

Trump speaks at Memorial Day D.C. rally

(06/01/16 1:00am)

Thousands of biking veterans from all across the nation met up in the District on Sunday and circled the National Mall for the 28th Rolling Thunder Run. At the Lincoln Memorial however small crowds gathered after a detailed security checkpoint waiting for the arrival of guest speaker and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

D.C.’s past of music, skinheads and women in the hardcore punk scene

(04/25/16 8:36pm)

The District goes by many aliases, The Hollywood for Ugly People, American Rome and Chocolate City. But "hardcore” is rarely used to describe the Capital. For the few visitors of the District who venture up north past the government buildings and Smithsonian museums, the term hardcore starts to become more recognizable. In Adams Morgan and the U Street corridor, remnants of D.C.’s past hardcore punk scene can be seen from the street artwork all the way to the businesses that continues to celebrate the city’s rebellious past.

The Scene's Halloween playlist

(10/30/15 4:53pm)

Although Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays in America, with major themes of candy and costumes, the festivities surrounding Oct. 31 are still incomplete. Overshadowed by anthems of Christmas, which begin to hit the radio the day after Thanksgiving, Halloween lacks a unique musical ambiance. Besides soundtracks from movies like Halloween and the melodies you were taught in elementary school (“One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater”), Halloween falls short on holiday music.