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Opinion: Consider abortion on social terms

(03/31/05 5:00am)

I will begin by admitting that I will likely never be able to concede abortion as being a right, never really recognize the meaning of a right to choose or even come to view abortion as some form of a privilege. However, even such an ardent anti-abortion proponent as myself must acknowledge that abortion is at least a practice and option whose availability women have become accustomed to.

The Case for Conservativism

(09/09/04 4:00am)

As yet another school year begins, and with a significant presidential election looming, incoming freshmen and transfer students will likely find themselves with little time to ease themselves into AU's charged political climate. They will learn the debates can be intense, feelings passionate, and that AU is as much an array of devoted activists who can quickly mobilize as it is an academic institution. Some students may already be decided on their political affiliations, while others may still be searching for an ideology to believe in. Others may even be misinformed - a charge made respectfully - but it should be noted that despite political rhetoric to the contrary, neither the Republican nor Democratic parties truly represent conservatism or liberalism anymore.

Abortion is an issue for both men and women

(01/26/04 5:00am)

A great misconception exists surrounding the debate on issues of life - that abortion is a topic concerning solely women. Men, feminists would argue, have no justification to hold any legitimate position on abortion because it is an issue of their bodies and their choice and is therefore not a man's business. This feminist theory is as wrong as the sin being committed itself. Abortion is not a woman's issue; if it is an issue to have any gender identification, abortion is a man's issue.