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Opinion: AU, like other schools, is not ready for in-person classes

(11/13/20 5:51pm)

American University has decided, with some ambiguity, to permit limited on-campus and in-person classes and activities for spring 2021. While this is no doubt miraculous to some for various reasons, the choice to allow in-person class meetings is dangerous and unsafe for our community. Until coronavirus infections and prevalence decrease, colleges and universities, including AU, need to remain online to protect their community members. 

Public health education is more important now than ever

(10/27/20 2:26pm)

Public health has naturally become a hot-button issue during 2020, due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic. A field that’s existed since people understood illness in any capacity, public health is one marked by creativity, quick turnaround, analysis and interpersonal skills. It undoubtedly requires a variety of perspectives to survive, both academic backgrounds and personal experiences. However, health is both highly technical and personal. Implementing public health programs and policy measures, specifically large-scale health administration, requires some level of working knowledge, whether it be technical or personal, for success.