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Staff editorial: University should adopt new policy on selling alcohol at athletic events

(05/03/19 4:00am)

During this spring’s Student Government elections, students had the opportunity to vote on a referendum on whether they would support the sale of alcohol at on-campus athletic games. The referendum passed with overwhelming support, with 81 percent of students voting for the measure. The reason offered for the alcohol sale proposal was that the measure would boost student and alumni attendance and improve school spirit. 

Editorial: AU requires a culture shift from upper echelons of administration to attract further investment

(04/15/19 4:00am)

If you ask the average student about tuition rates, common themes among their responses will probably focus on the yearly increases and lack of affordability. However, what is also common is that students generally don’t know why tuition continues to rise. This is because the University hasn’t done a comprehensive job of telling them. For this reason, we support student activism on further budget transparency from the Board of Trustees and have seen our job as student journalists to provide further education on the budget.

Looking to the years ahead, it’s time for more responsible media election coverage

(11/09/16 9:50pm)

As the election coverage comes to its close tonight, the immense role of media during the entirety of this cycle is indisputable. Donald Trump’s comments, often offensive and unprofessional, have made headlines time and time again. Hillary Clinton’s email scandal has followed her since day one. Even for outlier candidates such as Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, the media coverage has given them a greater voice than any third party candidate before.

Editorial: Building a more inclusive Women’s Initiative is a step towards progress

(11/07/16 5:38pm)

It is clear now more than ever that the landscape on college campuses is changing. Students are challenging each other to embrace discomfort and seek growth. Student Government’s Women’s Initiative (WI) is one of the many student organizations on our campus that is having tough conversations and working to better reflect the needs and interests of the campus community.

Staff Editorial: We Need a New Secretary, SG

(09/16/16 4:45pm)

Since the beginning of this month, the student body has been left without a Student Government Secretary due to former Secretary Faith Rokowski’s resignation. Although the absence was notable, we believed that SG would be able to find a suitable replacement quickly in order to keep operations running smoothly. However, within the past few weeks that the student body has been without an official new secretary, SG has spent more time engaging in dramatics than actively seeking to fill the position.

Staff editorial: Mixed-use redevelopment would improve AU Park, Spring Valley

(11/12/15 10:25pm)

The 4330 48th St NW lot in the AU Park neighborhood behind the law school campus has been empty since late 2013 when the Fresh & Green’s grocery store closed. Developers are proposing to fill that void with a mixed-use redevelopment that would bring a grocery chain and other retail to the site as well as 200 to 250 residential units over five stories.