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Staff Editorial: AU administration fails to address AAPI violence

(02/24/23 2:08pm)

Following two tragic mass shootings in California at Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay in January, Project Pengyou and the Korean and Hindu Student Associations held a vigil on campus honoring the victims. The Monterey Park massacre occurred during a Lunar New Year celebration, drawing fear from AAPI communities across the nation. As American University student groups created a safe space for mourning students, the University administration stood idly by.  

Staff Editorial: President Burwell’s panel on free expression expressed values and principles, but not much else

(02/13/23 1:00pm)

American University President Sylvia Burwell held a panel on free expression and the updated Freedom of Expression and Expressive Conduct policy on Feb. 1, along with other university heads from across the country. Burwell and her fellow panelists spent the majority of the event discussing values like inclusion and diversity, but the message fell flat — ultimately seeming more like a PR move appealing to donors than true sentiment on expanding free expression across campus. 

Staff Editorial: A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t fit mental health services

(01/31/23 2:15pm)

When American University announced that the Counseling Center and the Health Promotion and Advocacy Center would merge into the Center for Well-Being Programs and Psychological Services, they did not reveal any substantive changes to programming, besides a new physical office. While the name of the Center may be a mouthful, students are left with an unsavory taste, as the Center offers very few services for LGBTQ+ students. 

Staff Editorial: Looking back to look forward: The strained relationship between AU administrators and the community

(12/09/22 1:00pm)

In reflection of our coverage in the past semester, there was common theme among the stories: dissatisfaction of institutional action and values. From the questioning of American University administration’s ability to solidify a bright future for students, to adjusting their financial investment in the public safety of the campus, there has been consistent discussion on whether we have the best advocates of our well-being. The Eagle typically focuses on one particular article for its editorials, but for our last editorial of the semester, we decided to look at AU’s semester in review as a whole.

Staff Editorial: AU’s carefully calculated PR moves cannot remedy a decade-long neglect of survivors of sexual violence

(12/06/22 2:10pm)

Safety should be a basic right on campus. When that right is violated, the administration should not only listen to students’ demands, but act. On Thursday afternoon, Nov. 10, a new wave of discontent was initiated amongst the American University community against the administration’s handling of sexual violence cases. 

Staff Editorial: Recognizing hate alone isn’t enough for students

(10/06/22 12:00pm)

The latest act of antisemitic vandalism on American University’s campus has magnified the disconnect between AU administration and the broader AU community in what’s determined to be an appropriate response to threats against marginalized communities. How the University plans to move forward leaves us to hope that they aren’t led astray by maintaining public image through impartiality. 

Staff Editorial: The discontinuation of University-monitored protocols leads to a continuation of faulty methods of community care

(09/13/22 12:00pm)

The Eagle recently reported that American University has discontinued isolation housing for students infected with COVID-19 for the fall 2022 semester. In the previous academic year, the University provided hotel rooms for infected students living on campus to reside in for five days and needed to test negative in order to leave isolation. Now, as long as the student isn’t coughing uncontrollably, they are free to enter back into the classroom and access restrooms. 

Staff Editorial: AU’s response to strike illustrates the need to prioritize the University as a community, not a business

(09/07/22 12:38pm)

Last Monday, a recent Eagle article reported that after 486 days at the bargaining table followed by a week-long strike organized by the American University Staff Union, an agreement between the union and the University. 

Staff Editorial: Mask-optional policy has AU community feeling whiplash of COVID-19 decision-making

(03/23/22 5:45pm)

The American University administration recently announced that the University is lifting its mask mandate starting this week. According to an email by President Sylvia Burwell to the AU community, masks will be optional in most on-campus locations, such as classrooms, residence halls and dining facilities. 

Staff Editorial: Tuition increase will decrease the level of trust students have in administration’s decision-making

(03/14/22 6:07pm)

A recent Eagle article covered the announcement that the American University board of trustees approved a 5 percent undergraduate tuition increase for the next two years. The total undergraduate price of attendance will increase by roughly $3,100 next year.

Staff Editorial: New traditions for Founders Week mark a step in the right direction

(03/02/22 5:49pm)

Founders Day Ball, Student Government’s most renowned event, was removed from the Founders Week programming this year. The Ball has been historically criticized by the student population due to its expensive nature and celebration of John Fletcher, AU’s founder who was a slave owner. Getting rid of Founders Ball is a positive step in reworking Founders Week. 

Staff Editorial: University’s communication during online classes marks a disconnect with a diverse student body

(01/31/22 10:16pm)

American University students released a petition that calls for AU administration to reduce the cost of tuition in response to President Sylvia Burwell’s announcement that the University will not provide discounted tuition despite the transition to online learning for the month in a Jan. 10 email.​​

Staff Editorial: Student body deserves transparency on COVID-19 protocols and accountability

(01/17/22 3:41pm)

The Disabled Student Union released a petition calling for the American University administration to mandate weekly COVID-19 testing for the AU community in order to track the spread of the virus and protect communities directly affected by the pandemic on Dec. 16. Currently, the University only requires students, faculty and staff who plan to return to campus to test within 48 hours of arriving and receive booster doses of the vaccine by Feb. 10.