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Student Capitol Hill interns evaluate experiences

(03/04/10 2:58am)

It’s 8 a.m. on a bone-chilling late January day and a cluster of student interns hug the platform of the Tenleytown-AU Metro station. It is here where AU’s Capitol Hill interns start their day, with a copy of The Washington Post in hand and red intern badge, dubbed “the scarlet letter” by many smug locals, dangling from their neck. As the train approaches, they settle in for the hour-long journey to Capitol Hill for another day of answering phone calls and responding to constituent mail.

SOC prof assesses State of the Union

(02/01/10 2:54am)

Adjunct Professor Robert Lehrman teaches speechwriting in the School of Communication. He worked as a speechwriter for many Democratic political figures, most notably former Vice President and presidential candidate Al Gore. Lehrman recently penned the book “The Political Speechwriter’s Companion.” He also wrote a State of the Union response in 1989 when George H.W. Bush was president.

Time abroad flies fast

(11/05/09 4:19am)

MADRID — A few weeks ago, the air was getting crisper and the city’s few deciduous trees were starting to change color when I started feeling a familiar pang of yearning in the depths of my stomach. It uncontrollably arrives at random moments throughout my day: my mouth starts to water and the waistline of my jeans tightens. I’d promised myself to not let it get to me while abroad, but....cheeseburger season had undeniably arrived.

Tourists attract tourists in Spain

(09/14/09 2:07am)

MADRID — It was my first night in Spain, and my enclave group was spending it the way every group of underage Americans does in Europe — in a bar. While waiting for another round of drinks, a few of the people at my table began bouncing Euros into an empty shot glass. Within thirty seconds of smacking the coins against the lacquered surface, a bald man, who looked eerily similar to the head judge on Top Chef, and his wife beelined our table.

VT tragedy still hurts two years later

(04/16/09 4:00am)

It's something that happens maybe once every month or two. I meet someone new, we shake hands, initiate polite small talk and they ask me where I'm from. When I tell them, 85 percent of the people nod courteously with no glint of recognition in their eyes. The other 15 percent pause, gulp, tell me they're sorry and give me that sympathetic look reserved for old grandmothers and injured puppies.