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People of Color need to unify

(07/21/16 8:04pm)

I remember the saying “a square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square” because it applies to conversations about People of Color. A person of color refers to an individual who is not fully of white or European heritage. There are dozens of communities within the category “People of Color” or “PoC,” such as Asian American & Pacific Islanders, Latinx and Black people. While all PoC in America face a number of disadvantages based on their heritage, their struggles are unique and thus cannot be simplified. It is especially important to recognize the different experiences that PoC face, because the way that racism affects people can be measured on a spectrum.

I didn't know my activism was failing

(06/16/16 4:13pm)

Try successfully explaining what the gender binary is to a 50-something year old man. By successful, I mean patiently clarifying what the term means and convincing him to believe what you are telling him is true. I tried to give my dad a brief lesson about gender identity in the 21st century, which did not go well. When I said “gender is not the same thing as sexuality,” without explaining what “gender” or “sexuality” meant in simple terms, I didn’t notice his confused reaction. As I proceeded to recite some boring definition of the gender binary, I did not realize my activism was failing.

Questioning What We Love: Why We Should Critically Re-watch Lemonade

(05/19/16 11:48pm)

As Beyonce fans, we seem to think we know everything. Despite the meticulous literary analyses that have been written for her latest visual album drop, Lemonade, a lot of us missed one of the most explicit messages in the entire project. While we were enamoured with Queen Bey’s extravagant fur coat and edges-snatching lyrics in “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” our eyes glossed over the black and white text that flashed across the screen for a split second: “God is God and I am not.” It doesn’t get much clearer than that, but the “Bey-hive” appears to be very resistant to criticism regarding Lemonade because we’re too busy idolizing her as a god.