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Hunger at AU

(10/05/16 2:50pm)

You stand in line at Global Fresh, TDR, Subway or pretty much any dining establishment on campus and you see other AU students or perhaps a professor grabbing a quick bite to eat. But you do not see the secret struggles of the student who cannot afford to have a meal plan, or the student who cannot afford to use their meal plan without considering how many swipes they have left. For these students, the thought of where their next meal is going to come from is always on their minds.

Power Up, AU

(09/14/16 5:29pm)

You are trying to finish writing a cover letter for an internship application, taking notes during a lecture or writing a paper for your World Politics course, when suddenly the dreaded notification flashes across your laptop's screen warning you of your computer’s dangerously low battery. You look around, are there any plug outlets at your desk? No.

Summer at AU: life in solitude

(05/25/16 10:15pm)

On final move out day, campus is bustling with activity as a majority of students leave one by one for summer. Within a week, campus is a desert. After commencement has taken place, the class of 2016 leaves campus with their heads held high and the campus is naked with no students lingering around. The sun of summer life has risen on AU’s campus and it will not set till freshmen move-in in August.

Op-Ed: Sam Vervaeke is the best candidate for SG Vice President

(03/24/16 9:16am)

As a former Senator for the Class of 2017, I thought perhaps there would be value placed on student representation in a body elected by students. However, as senator, I saw a lack of knowledge among members of the AUSG Senate and SG executive board about what student groups, clubs and organizations desired. This would lead to a misunderstanding among members of AUSG regarding funding for student organizations, what student organizations do, and most importantly a widening gap between certain Student Government officials and the student body. This gap and confusion deeply concerned me because I believe SG is not representative of what students seek or desire.