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30 Days of Pride: Songs of Celebration

(06/29/22 1:24pm)

Even if officially confined to the month of June, Pride Month is a continuous celebration of identity. While the spirit of pride lives on in LGBTQ+ individuals all year long, having a month set aside gives an opportunity for the community to share their stories with others in order to gain visibility in a world where doors are finally opening to sexuality. Music is a vehicle of self expression during Pride Month as well as year round where artists can share their stories of love, community and hardships within their sound for those of any background to listen and appreciate. This playlist does just that, encapsulating all that it means to celebrate Pride. 

Powerful Pages: ‘You’ve Reached Sam’ is a melancholy tale of first love and loss

(02/08/22 3:15pm)

What would you do if you had a second chance at goodbye? Dustin Thao’s debut novel “You’ve Reached Sam” presents this hypothetical scenario in such a way that emphasizes the importance of the grieving process. He normalizes the different ways humans do so while portraying the five stages of grief in a way that feels natural and effortless.