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Opinion: University classes ignore the breadth of diversity within Islam

(12/11/19 5:00am)

 In 2010, there were approximately 1.6 billion Muslims spread across the world, according to the Pew Research Center. That’s a lot of people across the world, living in wildly different geographic and cultural contexts. It means that in every global region, there are Muslims living within those borders, going about their daily lives that look entirely different in Indonesia than they do in Nigeria. More Muslims, in terms of raw numbers, live in the Asia-Pacific region than in the Middle East and North Africa. But you wouldn’t know that based on University course offerings.

Opinion: Female professors deserve tenure support

(11/16/18 6:00pm)

The tenure process is long. After six years of jumping through scholarship hoops, professors must put all their hope on a single person: the provost. Job security for those in academia depends on just one person after years of scholarship and teaching. This dependence on one person can change the trajectory of one’s career. If someone has been denied tenure, it can be difficult to start fresh. The provost can single handedly change someone's life.

Opinion: Campus construction projects are worthwhile for future

(10/29/18 8:00pm)

Quadding has become a little bit harder thanks to the chain link fence and machinery that seems to have taken over AU’s campus. The library and Watkins buildings are obstructed and the area behind Letts-Anderson as well as the Asbury parking lot are blocked. The AU campus, typically ranked as one of the most beautiful, is now under siege by large construction equipment, ditches and, yes, those mazes of fencing.

Opinion: A student activity fee increase brings no guarantee of benefiting clubs

(10/24/18 4:04pm)

Over the past two days, students had the opportunity to vote not just for their Student Government representation, but for a student activity fee increase. This would be the first increase in nearly five years. As reported by The Eagle, the proposed fee increase will be from $88.50 per semester to an even $100 per semester.

Opinion: White women need to talk about race

(08/26/18 2:30pm)

This was the summer of the #PermitPattys. White women spent their summer time calling the cops on African-Americans having lunch or running a lemonade stand – not breaking the law. At Yale University and Smith College, white people called the police on students for doing … absolutely nothing. For just existing in a space that they consider as white. For looking, in the words of a Smith employee, “out of place.” Or maybe the reason is better put by Oumou Kanoute, the student the Smith employee called the police on: “All I did was be black.”

Binge drinking is a pervasive and dangerous part of American University campus culture

(03/09/18 2:54am)

As a college student, it seems like someone is always throwing up from drinking too much. Whether it’s that random girl on my floor or a friend from class, someone is always pushing their limits. Sometimes, it’s a one-night issue. The person just drank faster or more than they should have. But sometimes, someone is regularly drinking too much, too fast and putting themselves at risk. The first few months of the school year were filled with flashing red and blue lights on the Letts-Anderson quad.

AU doesn’t give students adequate opportunities to explore different areas of study

(12/07/17 8:46pm)

The “liberal arts experience” draws students to colleges and universities across the country. Small classrooms, where students know each other and professors have discussions on various subjects, is the quintessential image of what the college experience should be like for many incoming students, whether or not the school is technically labeled as a liberal arts school.

Work for women’s equality not over

(10/25/17 3:43pm)

Increasingly, women are the ones who go to college. As of fall 2014, which contains the most recent data, 56 percent of students enrolled in postsecondary institutions were women. A majority of higher education students are women, a trend that would have seemed impossible 60 years ago. Here at AU, we can see this trend pretty obviously. Women make up 63 percent of the student body.