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Opinion: Eliminating the term “queer” encourages harmful narratives

(11/11/20 4:40pm)

After a long history as an excuse for emboldening physical violence, the term “queer” has only recently begun its journey to reclamation as a cushion for anyone challenging societal norms regarding sexuality and gender. In tandem with its reclamation, pockets of protest have shot up in support of censoring the umbrella term ‘queer’ from the LGBTQ+ community. 

Opinion: Calling women in power by their first names widens the gender gap

(10/14/20 7:23pm)

As children, it felt like a sin to refer to authority figures by anything other than their surname. It’s ingrained into society that addressing someone by their surname denotes a position of power or respect. Yet, when it comes to female politicians and professionals, this unspoken rule is commonly dropped and replaced with their first names, instilling a false familiarity that diminishes their authority.