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The (Com)Post: AU students and faculty react to the Biden-Harris administration’s environmental agenda

(02/04/21 9:55pm)

President Joe Biden announced major additions to his administration’s climate agenda over the course of the previous week. After ordering the United States’s reentry into the Paris Climate Agreement on his first day in office, Biden issued a multipart executive order that promises a significant reduction in fossil fuel emissions, an investment in sustainable infrastructure, more jobs in the renewable energy sector and many more actions to fight climate change. 

The DC student guide to your end-of-year closet cleanout

(12/09/20 4:03pm)

As winter break approaches, students with overflowing closets can use their newfound free time to get rid of old clothes. Instead of disposing of these items, consider meaningful, environmentally-friendly and creative ways to donate or reuse the pieces. Whether you’re looking for donation options in D.C. or upcycling ideas that can be done from anywhere, this guide is a great way to start the challenge of a closet cleanout. 

AU Fashion Society weighs-in on the role of gendered clothing in 2020

(11/05/20 2:45pm)

Over the past two decades, the prominence of traditional gender roles has generally diminished in American culture. Several mainstream celebrities, such as Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet, have been seen wearing traditionally feminine pieces, such as heels, blouses, ruffles and pink shades. Billy Porter created an iconic fashion moment in 2019 with his extravagant ball gown at the Oscars. Social media trends on apps, such as TikTok, allow spaces for boys who want to paint their nails, put on makeup or wear skirts. Girls have the space to wear baggy men’s jeans and oversized sweatshirts.