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Opinion: AU must take more decisive action to support students for the fall semester

(06/23/20 1:15am)

American University announced its plan for the fall semester on Tuesday and, as always, it was met with confusion, questions and concern. The core of the plan is the decision to implement a hybrid learning system, in which classes will be held through a combination of online and in-person meetings, and that AU will take necessary precautions to enforce social distancing. 

Opinion: Don’t blame students for requesting better access to mental healthcare

(02/04/20 12:38am)

I like to compare my anxiety disorder to a spiral. It coils around my heart, and on a good day, it’s relaxed, hanging loosely around it. There are other days, though, when the coil winds itself tight around my chest, making it hard to breathe and work and do any of the countless other activities of an AU student. Those days were the reason I sought out the Counseling Center at AU – but I quickly learned that it would be three weeks before an intake appointment.  

Opinion: Let student journalists make mistakes

(11/18/19 5:00am)

Northwestern University’s student newspaper, The Daily Northwestern, recently published a piece apologizing for their stories of recent protests regarding former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ visit to campus. Their coverage, specifically of the student protesters, drew criticism, and The Daily apologized for doing otherwise typical journalistic tasks — specifically, posting pictures of the protest and contacting students for comment using a directory. 

Opinion: The Newseum’s closing is a loss for journalism at a turbulent time

(10/22/19 2:03am)

As much as I’d like to say I’ve been an avid fan of the Newseum for years, I’ve actually only visited a few times. The first time was just two years ago. It was my freshman year, and a group of my floormates decided to go for Museum Day, an annual Smithsonian event during which museums that usually cost money are free. So I tagged along, eager to expand my repertoire of explored museums. 

Opinion: Let Wonk Cat be a cat, not a fundraising tool

(05/01/19 4:00am)

Officially, AU’s mascot is the infamous Clawed Z. Eagle. However, everyone on campus knows that the unofficial mascot has become the Wonk Cat, a black and white tuxedo cat who lives outside of the McKinley building. Since her first appearance on campus, Wonk Cat has been the recipient of an outpouring of student love, a source of memes and even a way for students to connect with their community.