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Quick Take: Should private businesses be allowed to turn away LGBTQ customers?

(03/06/14 4:20pm)

The Kansas House of Representatives recently passed a bill stating that any individual, group or private business can refuse to serve gay couples if “it would be contrary to their sincerely held religious beliefs.” Is this bill within the state’s constitutional rights, or is it segregation on par with that against African Americans in the 1960s? Do you think this bill will even be able to become law?

Quick Take: Should the federal government legalize pot?

(02/07/14 8:42pm)

Texas Governor Rick Perry recently voiced his support for the decriminalization of marijuana, saying that states should be allowed to decide for themselves whether or not to legalize the drug. Now that the case for legalization has notable proponents on both sides of the aisle, do you feel that marijuana should be decriminalized or even legalized? And should that be the federal government’s responsibility or the states?

Op/ed: Bring a student lounge to MGC

(11/20/13 11:23pm)

The Perch, The Hatch, The Davenport Coffee Lounge and other spaces are various spots where AU students enjoy studying or just hanging out. The consistent high number of students at these places shows there is a demand for an area where students can study or take a coffee break. The vacancy of the third floor of the Mary Graydon Center gives AU the opportunity to use this floor as a study and coffee lounge.

Quick Take: How has the media changed the way it covers shootings in recent months?

(09/30/13 4:24pm)

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