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Opinion: A dollar store’s hidden costs

(10/18/23 12:00pm)

Small towns and big cities across the country are protesting against the opening of new dollar stores in their neighborhoods. One would expect the opening of new and cheaper shops to be welcomed by thrifty consumers, however, the negative impacts of these stores far outweigh the lower prices. These dollar store invasions drive out established grocery stores and leave communities with substandard food resources and economic opportunities. 

Opinion: Ambitious students are let down by restrictive regulations for Combined Degree Programs

(12/02/22 1:23pm)

The combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program is confusing. It’s a program offered between American University’s undergraduate and graduate schools, and it has many great perks. However, the process of understanding the rules and regulations required for undergraduate students to participate in the program is far more difficult than it should be. This is due to a lack of clear communication between advisors and students on rules surrounding undergraduate credit limits. 

Opinion: Barriers to ADHD Assistance in colleges are not only impractical, but damaging

(08/29/22 12:00pm)

There is no question that going to college is hard, but for some college students, the difficulty in accomplishing even the most simple tasks seems insurmountable. Certain tasks, assignments and responsibilities shouldn’t be as taxing as they appear, which is incredibly frustrating. Trying in vain to work on a project, but instead sitting at your computer for hours on end, mind blank or wandering endlessly, is not normal. Wanting to get out of bed and start your day but feeling an invisible barrier preventing you from moving, no matter how much you want to get up, is not normal. 

Opinion: Student Government’s toxic environment: The organization’s failings stem from the top

(05/27/22 1:00pm)

American University’s Student Government has been a broken institution for a long time. Often, students begin at the Senate and Executive branch with initial high hopes for student body advocacy but leave disillusioned at the inefficacy of the organization. Under the current administration, these sentiments have only grown stronger.