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Men in the fashion world: Dapper is as dapper does

(02/23/04 5:00am)

Throughout history, women may have been credited for sparking trends, but it's typically men who are the driving force behind the designs. Major fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Chanel, Burberry, Dior, Gucci and countless others are currently headed by men. So it's baffling why the average man is not targeted more in terms of fashion advertisements and magazines.

Vanity meets vogue in fashion magazines

(02/09/04 5:00am)

As each seasonal change settles into its typical temperature, designers jump ahead to the next season and take fashion magazines with them. While sitting near a roaring fire and sipping cocoa, one stares blankly at glossy pages that display the latest in beachwear. In the midst of Independence Day and heat advisories, one is accustomed to cranking up the air conditioning as models sport the latest parkas and ski wear. This standard occurrence is known to spark new trends and old frustrations all at once.

E-bay = easy way?

(12/08/03 5:00am)

Many shoppers go beyond what is considered humanly and financially sane to put smiles on loved ones' faces during the holidays. Malls are hectic with consumers and people become desperate for gift ideas and last minute must-have items. However, in today's technologically advanced world, people don't need to resort only to malls for gift-buying. With a poor economy dragging along and traditions to uphold, many are turning to the Internet's bargains to fulfill people's wish lists, with eBay being one of the major sites visited.

Career future is uncertain for seniors

(07/07/03 4:00am)

I always doubt myself. No matter if it's coordinating an outfit, writing this column or going for a run, there's always a part of me that points out what's wrong, what's missing. Even going into my senior year at AU has me worried. With the state of the economy, it's hard to picture landing a job post-graduation with great pay and finding an affordable place to live.