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Learn about anti-racism and support the Black community with these 10 movies and series

(07/13/20 7:13pm)

George Floyd’s killing by police last month in Minneapolis spurred outrage and protests across the United States and the world around deep-seated, systemic racial injustice. As people sign petitions, call representatives and raise millions of dollars of funds, many also seek to educate themselves about racism and Black people’s experiences living in this country. 

The (Com)Post: Sustainable BIPOC-owned businesses for everyday purchases

(07/11/20 2:14pm)

The first week of July was designated as National Blackout Week, a movement aimed at standing in economic solidarity with BIPOC, or Black, Indigenous and people of Color. During the week, BIPOC, and Black people in particular,  were encouraged to only buy from Black-owned businesses. AU rising senior Edmée Faal, who was promoting the Blackout on her Instagram, said in a post, “The Economic Blackout is a movement intending to uplift Black people by moving spending power away from big businesses and corporations to BIPOC-owned businesses and small owned businesses.” Below are 10 sustainable and ethical BIPOC-owned businesses for purchases like food, hair care and accessories. Even though the week ended, we can continue shifting our purchases to BIPOC-owned businesses. 

Zero Waste program urges students to trust the sustainability process

(12/12/19 5:00am)

American University’s zero waste policy is designed to reduce campus waste and get students involved in sustainability. The Zero Waste Project team, established in 2016, has worked daily to sort recycling and compost on campus alongside the Compost Crew, a student group that sorts waste into compostable and non-compostable items weekly. Both of these groups make sure that on-campus waste is sorted by recyclable and  compostable material to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills.

The Chainsmokers create immersive experience at Capital One Arena

(10/30/19 8:06pm)

A sea of iPhone screens glowed above heads as the crowd waited in anticipation for The Chainsmokers to take the stage at Capital One Arena on Oct. 15. Stagehands ran around with what appeared to be mini-torches, as drum beats and electronic sounds swelled in the background. American DJ and production duo Alex Pall and Drew Taggart emerged from a sudden surge of smoke. 

AU Photo Collective will feature student work in Art All Night Tenleytown event

(09/25/18 12:18am)

On Sept. 29, American University Photo Collective will be showcasing 23 works in the student-favorite eatery SEOULSPICE during the annual Art All Night Tenleytown event. Neighborhoods across D.C. will join the nonprofit organizer Tenleytown Main Street to celebrate diverse local talent in the visual and performing arts.