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Q&A: Sebastian Junger, director of “Korengal”

(06/03/14 2:19am)

Journalist and filmmaker Sebastian Junger has seen a few firefights in his time documenting the travails of soldiers located in and outpost in the Korengal Valley. His film “Restrepo,” which was co-directed by photojournalist Tim Hetherington, was nominated for an Oscar in 2011 for Best Documentary. Now, four years after the release of “Restrepo,” Junger returns with a new film that continues the story of outpost Restrepo in “Korengal.”

Q&A: Liza Johnson, Director of ‘Hateship Loveship’

(05/13/14 8:21pm)

Director Liza Johnson began her feature film career with a movie about a female officer dealing with the personal turmoil of coming back home from a military tour of duty. “Return” ended up leading to her second feature “Hateship Loveship,” which is based on a short story by the Nobel Prize winning author Alice Munro. The film tells the story of the extremely introverted and empathetic character Johanna (Kristen Wiig, “Saturday Night Live”). “Hateship Loveship” finds Johanna eventually getting herself into an email correspondence with a crush, but the relationship that Johanna thinks she’s having through these emails is really one concocted by two high school girls.

Best of D.C.: Movie theaters

(04/22/14 7:51pm)

In Washington D.C., there’s no shortage of ways to entertain yourself. Entertainment venues run the gamut from concert halls to theater companies and more. When it comes to movies, D.C. can be a movie town with most first run films on display as well as a healthy amount of art house films which pass through town. Here’s a rundown of some of the best locations to get your film fix.

Q&A: The Russo Brothers, the directors of ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

(04/08/14 8:44pm)

Anthony and Joe Russo, the team behind “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” wouldn’t seem like the first conventional choice to direct a film on the scale that Marvel movies demand. After years in television on shows from “Community” to “Arrested Development,” Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Entertainment, tapped the two to direct the sequel for Captain America, which finds Steve Rogers fighting his toughest challenge yet, The Winter Soldier. But the Russo Brothers have, by and large, exceeded audience expectations, delivering a film that displays a political awareness while utilizing all the spectacle and visual effects at their disposal.

Q&A: Rachel Boynton, Director of “Big Men”

(04/02/14 8:31pm)

Rachel Boynton is ambitious. Continually seeking new ways to push her filmmaking skill to maximum capacity, she took the feature documentary scene by storm with a film about corporate malfeasance in “Our Brand is Crisis.” Returning once again with an even more ambitious subject, “Big Men” depicts backroom corporate dealing and even larger egos searching for oil and riches in Ghana and Nigeria.

Movie Review: Sabotage

(04/02/14 7:22pm)

When Arnold Schwarzenegger (“Terminator 2”) left his stable career of headlining action films and headed into politics, much of the void that his kind of celebrity once held had been filled with larger than life spectacles. No longer would it seem that an action star could be a better draw for audiences than giant mile high robots tearing apart yet another city.