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Opinion: Hosting Corker at Sine Institute shows how far AU will bend over backwards for appearance of bipartisanship

(10/08/18 3:36pm)

Idealizing “cooperation” in today's polarized political system ignores the enormous contemporary social issues that divide political parties through personal beliefs rather than fiscal differences. Being “bipartisan” in America today means choosing to compromise with people who believe the following: transgender Americans don’t have the right to their own gender identity, women shouldn't have the power to make decisions about their own bodies and citizens should not exercise their right to protest police violence against Black Americans.

Opinion: D.C. Council practices 'pick and choose' democracy with plans to overturn Initiative 77

(08/31/18 2:00pm)

On June 19, Washington residents voted in the city’s primary elections for several municipal positions, ranging from the mayoral election and city council memberships to the election of the attorney general. Voters also decided on the implementation of Initiative 77, which eliminates the “tipped minimum wage” in the district. Currently at $3.89 per hour plus tips, the initiative would catalyze a plan to raise the minimum wage for all tipped positions to $15 per hour by 2025.

Op-Ed: We can fix the Metro

(03/26/18 7:09pm)

Public transportation is a misunderstood and underappreciated public good that provides several essential services that benefit low-income communities in particular. Even in a city with relatively high public approval for Metro services and one of the top-rated public transit systems in the country, ridership is declining due to service reductions, fare hikes and lack of funding in Washington, D.C. I aim to shed some light on why we should invest in the success of these programs, especially here in D.C.