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Wellness Wednesdays: Professor Tanja Aho on how their disability justice pedagogy informs their ideas on wellness within the classroom

(03/30/22 3:07pm)

Wellness is a term that for many may seem antithetical to the culture of higher education. It can seem elusive in college as one juggles finishing assignments, a part-time job and social obligations. Sleeping and eating well, two things entwined with wellness, can often get sidetracked. 

District of Cinema Episode 22: A Conversation with the filmmakers of "The American Diplomat"

(03/18/22 9:32pm)

In this special episode, staff writer Audrey Barnett talks to filmmakers Kiley Kraskouskas, Leola Calzolai-Stewart and Rachell Shapiro about their new film, "The American Diplomat." The three filmmakers run FLOWSTATE Films, a production company based in D.C. The film follows three Black U.S. diplomats as the Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement complicates their foreign missions of spreading democracy. 

District of Cinema Special Episode: Conversations with filmmakers of the Native Cinema Showcase

(11/26/21 7:29pm)

Eagle writers Thais and Audrey interview directors Nuria Frigola Torrent and Christopher Kahunahana about their feature films showcased at the Native Cinema Showcase, hosted by the Museum of the American Indian. Check out the review for Kahunahana's film, "Waikiki" here. Read The Eagle's review of three other featured films at the Native Cinema Showcase here.