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AU Gyms 101: The ultimate guide to navigating AU Fitness

(08/24/17 10:30pm)

For new students moving onto campus, leaving behind your favorite local gym can be a bummer. The stress of classes and the infamous freshman 15 can be nerve wracking. With help from Chris Nasti, the assistant director of fitness and wellness, The Eagle created this guide on how to navigate AU’s Recreation and Fitness centers.

Your DIY guide to Easter brunch

(04/14/17 2:00pm)

There’s nothing more stressful than hosting a party at your place. From cleaning and decorating to last minute touch-ups, the last thing you want to worry about is what delicious meals you plan serve to your guests. For something new, try some DIY stations for the perfect Easter brunch. There’s nothing more simple than having your guests make their own meals and it’s a quick and easy meal plan for you.

Kickstart the new year with these free workout and wellness classes

(01/18/17 7:24pm)

As spring semester rolls around and New Year’s resolutions are in full swing many students are looking toward developing a healthier lifestyle. The AU Recreation and Fitness Center and the AU Wellness Center offer free and helpful programs for students to achieve just that. Check out some of their programs below:

Summer LookBook: Jumpsuits

(06/10/16 9:24am)

With the rainy and cold weather gone, it’s about time to bring out the summer wardrobe! Whether they’re stored in the back of the closet, or you’re looking to expand the summer wardrobe, jumpsuits are a fun summer piece to wear when you’re sick of maxi dresses and shorts. Jumpsuits are either a hit or a miss,but don’t let that stop you from wearing them. They’re chic and bold; a statement outfit that can make you look confident and well put-together. Follow below to see examples of how to style and accessorize three different jumpsuits.

Farewell Truckeroo

(10/26/15 2:44pm)

What do lobster rolls, shawarma, empanadas, cupcakes and cheesecake all have in common? They could all be found at Truckeroo, the District’s most popular food truck event. Truckeroo, a monthly festival held from April through Oct. 9 at the Fairgrounds in Southeast, included different food trucks from all over the city.