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Let’s break the glass ceiling, but NOT #WithHer

(10/29/16 6:37pm)

Rejoice! America is on track to break the highest glass ceiling in our generation’s lifetime. Soon, young ladies across our nation will finally have a role model who has reached the highest office in all the land. It’s fantastic that we’ve finally come to a point in our country where voters realize that women are just as fit to be president as men. We will elect a female president not because we are in favor of the idea of having a female president, but because that female is a candidate that shares our vision for America’s future, and because we can trust her to carry out that vision.

Say “no” to “no fly, no buy”

(10/05/16 1:59am)

One of the most highly-anticipated events of the entire 2016 election cycle recently came to a TV near you: the first presidential debate. Since we are now more than one week out of the most viewed debate in history, nearly every point has been highly analyzed, except for one glaringly false statement that both Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton stated as the gospel truth.

Welcome to Maryland, Tenleytown!

(06/24/16 12:33am)

Muriel Bowser, Mayor of D.C. and alumna of AU’s Masters of Public Policy Program, called for our nation’s capital to become a state in a speech in April of this year. Immediately, I was fully on board with the goal that she set forth. I thought it was completely unfair that we inhabitants of the District had to pay federal taxes and receive no true democratic representation in the legislative body. After all, isn’t “taxation without representation” the problem that this country fought to combat in the first place? As we are coming up on celebrating the independence of our country, it is the perfect time to consider the less-than-democratic system under which our city of residence operates.

Dear Sen. Cotton, America does not have an “under-incarceration” problem

(05/26/16 12:12am)

Our criminal justice system is broken. We regularly send people to jail for unnecessarily long periods of time for nonviolent, largely drug related, crimes. These sentences cause lasting damage even after a prisoner is released. In particular, young Americans who have any type of criminal history, no matter how minor, often face difficulties finding jobs, thus encouraging them to turn back to those same crimes that put them in jail in the first place. Enter the criminal justice reform movement, whose solitary goal is to properly punish criminals and show them a clear path to rehabilitation and reintegration into society.