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Opinion: Why are we paying for buildings we can’t get inside of?

(04/24/23 12:54pm)

We often joke about the inconvenience of taking the stairs. No one wants to dredge their feet up them, and even people going to the second floor of a building will opt for the elevator. But what happens when that inconvenience turns into an access issue? What happens when stairs are the only option to get up and down a building; what if your university has buildings that are only accessed through stairs? This is a problem that plagues American University’s campus. 

Opinion: Women’s history is not just for women

(04/10/23 12:00pm)

I decided to take a women’s, gender, and sexuality studies class this semester. Truthfully, I needed a general elective credit and could have taken a wide variety of subjects, but I chose this one, Women’s Voices Through Time, WGSS-150, because I was interested in learning more about women and their actions in mainstream history. As a woman, I was excited to learn more about history that relates to my identity. 

Opinion: The best years don’t have to be behind us

(03/22/23 3:15pm)

The college experience is built for making connections. As I near graduation, I have grown increasingly worried about finding places where I can connect with people outside of work. It is easy in college to make a community because college life revolves around that. Starting from the first day, there is orientation, communal living, clubs, campus activities and so much more that allow students to create community. Even without these planned events, every building serves as a free communal space where students can interact and occupy a public area. 

Opinion: I am not my number of internships

(02/27/23 1:00pm)

D.C. is a hub of possibilities, and colleges in the area pride themselves on students taking full advantage of it. Georgetown University highlights, “Our location in D.C. opens the door for students to intern,” and George Washington University uses words like “your dream internship” when describing the ease at which a student can find an internship in the heart of the capital. American University similarly states that, “One of the greatest advantages to studying in Washington, D.C. is the unparalleled access that you have to internships.” Our shuttle stops, like the one in front of Kogod, tote the high percentage of students who have partaken in an internship. 

Opinion: Off-campus housing doesn’t mean on-campus resources stop

(01/18/23 1:00pm)

Housing is essential to every part of life. Safe and stable housing allows a person to thrive and have a comforting place to return to. This is especially true for college students. College is filled with fast-paced and ever-changing schedules that students must adapt to quickly. Stress about housing should never have to be on a college student’s mind. Housing should be the one place a student can go to feel comfortable in their hectic lives. Unfortunately, for many American University students, especially upperclassmen, housing has become another stressor in their already stressful lives.

Opinion: The learning curve is in more than just the classroom

(09/29/22 12:00pm)

Students of all walks of life enter the world of higher education, but the playing field is not the same for all. When entering college, every student is confronted with new information they didn’t know before. Much like every system in place in our society, academia has a game that accompanies it — there are rules to follow, cheat codes to use and information to know. Meeting people from different backgrounds becomes a learning experience for everyone on campus, but unfortunately, there are many different pieces of information that some students know and others find out too late. 

Opinion: AU’s sendoff for the women’s basketball team was great, let’s keep it going

(04/19/22 3:46pm)

American University’s women’s basketball team recently won the Patriot League Championship and was awarded a bid to the March Madness tournament. President Sylvia Burwell and AU celebrated this accomplishment with a sending-off ceremony and multiple social media posts. It was a fantastic celebration of an amazing accomplishment and AU should be doing that more often.