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Faulty education system to blame for unrest in Middle East

(10/23/13 7:40pm)

It is important to challenge what you believe, so that you know why you believe it. That’s why I decided to backpack around Jordan, the West Bank and Israel this past summer. I have been to refugee camps and through checkpoints. I have experienced the terror that accompanies a rocket attack, and the heartbreak that comes from talking to a Holocaust survivor.

Grow up AU, quit blaming the other side

(10/08/13 8:19pm)

My best friend at AU is Palestinian-American and I am a Zionist, American Jew. We obviously have some severe disagreements, yet we spend nearly all our time together. We do not skirt around talking about the Middle East. In fact, we talk about it constantly. Our discussions can get extremely heated, but we respect each other enough to hear and respect the other side. We do not vilify, or scream at each other.