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A nostalgic playlist of 2019 fall favorites

(11/20/19 7:00pm)

Every time of year seems to have specific music genres associated with it. Summer offers fun pop hits that everyone blasts out of their car windows as they drive around, and winter offers slower, softer songs that comfort you as you cozy up by the fireplace and enjoy time with friends and family. After surveying AU students, I found common trends within the songs they associate with the fall of 2019. Dive into what AU students are listening to this fall in this must-have fall playlist.

Save money on every meal with local student discounts

(10/03/19 4:00am)

It can be a struggle for college students in D.C. to find affordable places to eat. However, more locations are beginning to offer discounts that allow students to either get a cheaper meal or part of their meals for free. These restaurants are easily accessible to students either by Metro or simply by riding the bus and walking.