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The best study spots on campus

With the school year just the around the corner, you are probably starting to worry about your crazy course load. How many books you are going to have to read? How many papers are you going to be assigned? How many late nights are you going to have? One thing that will make all of the worry a bit easier is knowing where to hang out before class and when studying is in session. Here are six of the best spots on campus for studying, hanging out or just killing twenty minutes between class.

Bender Library

As obvious as the library sounds to be on the list, it is too important not to be. Since the floors are divided according to noise level, you have options for where you want to sit. If you don’t mind a noisy environment, then you can sit in the basement sipping coffee at the Mudbox. On the other hand, if you really need to focus you could study on the second floor where the noise level is ‘silent’ and you can also book a room ahead of time if you have a big test or need to do group work. Bonus: the librarians are great help when it comes to research projects.

School of Communications

If you are meeting with your communications professor in SOC, and have time to kill before class, stick around for some great study spots. Check out the third floor terrace for a beautiful view and a nice change from all your classrooms. If there’s no room up there, the first level of SOC has really comfy blue chairs that you can also enjoy.

Davenport Coffee Lounge

Whether you have a class in SIS or not, you can still hang here between classes. The Dav is always a good option for an on-campus coffee shop. SIS also has multiple areas on each floor with tables and chairs for when the inside of the Dav gets too busy as well.

Kogod School of Business

Related to business or not, Kogod has a lot of space where you can sit and have all of your stuff laid out in front of you. One of the major pros of Kogod is no matter when you go, you will always find a place to sit as the building seems to have endless study space.

Eagle’s Nest

If you need a snack before class and places like Starbucks and Subway are too busy, Eagle’s Nest is a great, less crowded alternative. Plus, you can always shop around for snacks or get a soda when you are free or when you don’t have enough time to go to places like Whole Foods or Giant.

The Quad

Right at the heart of the school, the quad is always a good place to sit on the grass and see what’s happening on campus. Many student clubs give away free stuff between classes and you would not want to miss that. Also, to shake things up, you can study outside when the weather is nice and still remain informed with campus related events.

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