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Scene Staff Profiles: Meet Freddy Rodriguez

Every week, we’ll introduce you to another member of The Scene’s hardworking staff.

Name: Freddy Rodriguez

Job at the Eagle: Lifestyle Assistant

What you’re watching: Although I’m absolutely obsessed with Netflix, and almost never watch TV, I do go out of my way on Wednesday nights to watch “American Horror Story.”

What you’re listening to: I cannot stop listening to “Goodies” by Ciara.

What you’re most excited for in 2015 pop culture: Whatever Anderson Cooper does.

Most embarrassing movie you’ve cried during: “Legally Blonde” during Elle’s graduation speech

TV/Movie/Book Character you’re most like: My friend tells me that I remind her of Dr. Reid from “Criminal Minds”...not the super genius part, though

Favorite Celebrity Instagram and/or Twitter: Anderson Cooper

Favorite Blog you follow: Tinderella: A Modern Girl’s Search for an Old-Fashioned Prince Charming

Celebrity Crush: Matt Bomer, and of course Anderson Cooper

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